Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm in hiding...

I have been spending the last few days at Miss Aimee's place hanging out and advising young Lachie on the finer points of personal hygiene. Why do teenage boys let their medical conditions go untreated for weeks and weeks? He has the worst case of tinea (Athlete's Foot, for any mere mortals reading this) that I have ever seen!!! At least it is finally receiving some treatment now (thanks to Nurses Aimee and Yaeli). :o)

I came home again last night to try to get another stoopid assignment done (I's supposed to be on holidays for crap's sake!) but I'm going back to Aimee's for another few days because my house is too cold, it's no fun here on my own, I had a cold shower this morning because something is wrong with my hot water, and following my cold shower I was assaulted in my bathroom by a grasshopper that bit my toe. Hence Aimee's house is better than mine. :o)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mmmm doctors... yummy, yummy doctors.

Last night, while I was working my nightshift, I met the doctor that I am going to marry. He's a spunky, chatty and sexy RMO at the hospital where I was working, and he has a funky name.

To those of you who are concerned that I may be limiting myself by choosing my future husband now, don't worry. I still also plan to marry a vet, a chef, an engineer, a supermodel, a sparky, a plumber, and anyone else who can keep me in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed (not necessarily in that order). :o)

Every woman needs a man who will cook for her, a man who will clean for her, a man who can provide her with the stimulating intellectual conversation she so desires, and a man who will make wild, passionate love to her all night long.
However, the most important thing is that these 4 men never meet. :o)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cheer cheer the red and the white....

WOOHOO!!! My football team won the grand final yesterday!!! It's the first time they've played in a grand final in 10 years and the first time that they've won the grand final in 72 years!!! They won by 4 points and by the fourth quarter you could see how desperate they were to win it. It was a great game!!!

The Bloods with the Cup for the first time in 72 years!

Some of the boys just after the final siren.

The boys with the cup! WOOHOO!!!

And to make the day even better, I scored a top feed at Mum's place and I watched it on the big screen!!

After leaving the pirate party early on Friday night (it was a bit of a bust), I proceeded over to Miss Aimee's for drinking games, more booze and some girl on girl action... (I'm actually not kidding about the girl on girl stuff... it was an unfortunate result of have far too much evil alcohol and playing spin the bottle with a significant testosterone / oestrogen imbalance.) I didn't hear Lachie and Craig complaining though. Then yesterday Aimee, Craig, Ali and I puddled over to Mum's for footy and lunch, and then we went to Craig's where he cooked us dinner.

I'm lonely now because my friends and I are all at our own houses, and you get kind of attached to them after spending 36 hours together. :o)

Off to watch Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life.

"Every spem is sacred. Every spem is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate."

Friday, September 23, 2005

One step closer...

I was lying in bed last night and I realised that I have just over 8 weeks to go before I leave for Vanuatu!!! Totally crazy!!!

I went to the doctor today to get my check up and get my medical clearance to go and I got my typhoid shot (yummy!) and a heap of prescriptions! WOOHOO!!!

This is totally happening! I am so excited!!!

I know I swore earlier this week that I would never drink again... But I am so looking forward to going out tonight!!! I'm stopping by a friend's 21st around the corner (I have to go dressed as a pirate) then I'm heading over to Aimee's for tequila slammers with some uni mates. Lachie (Aimee's honorary little brother) said that he'd rather die than miss out on the opportunity to drink with me... I hope she warned him that I nearly killed myself last weekend. :o)

I have to go finish making my newspaper sword and pirate hat now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I didn't kick the bucket... yet!

But thanks to Kevin for offering to send flowers!

I didn't get the chance to post yesterday because I had two massive migranes yesterday evening and I couldn't see properly out of my right eye. FUN!!! At least I think they were migranes... it could've just been a stroke.
Anywho, I'll be making a trip to the doctor on Friday to get it checked out.

I had to finish off an assignment this morning before I went to uni, because I didn't get a chance to finish it last night, and while I was huriedly typing away I had a run in with that stupid little paperclip thing that pops up and tries to stuff up whatever document it is that you are working on.

I curse the person that invented the pop-up paperclip!

Monday, September 19, 2005

I swear my body hates me SOOO much right now.

I think my hangover has finally kicked in.

I am never going out all night and drinking myself stupid, then sleeping for 6 hours before going and working a 10 hour night shift ever again!!! My body will hate me even more when I get up in another 5 hours to go and work an afternoon shift!

I realised in the wee hours of this morning that on Saturday night I drank somewhere in the vicinity of 16 standard drinks. No wonder my kidneys are ready to pack it in!!

Of course rather than coming home and getting straight into bed (which would be the sensible thing to do), I am posting on my blog! I think my brain is broken.

I'm going to go lie down and die somewhere now.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

I could've danced all night... in fact I did.

I went to an old friend's birthday party last night. It was supposed to be at a pub in the city where his band was playing a gig but at the last minute the gig got cancelled and it turned into a house party instead. I caught up with a heap of people who I haven't seen since I left my forst degree about 3 years ago. I met a few new people (translation: a few really hot guys), including a guy who was totally hot and really nice until midnight when he flipped the switch and went from Jekyll to Hyde in 3.2 seconds flat! I ended up practically having to babysit him in the wee hours of this morning when he wanted to either screw or fight anything that moved, and then he proceeded to throw up (not for the first time that night). But otherwise, it was really good to catch up with the old crowd! :o)

After a lot of drinking and chatting, interspersed with some karaoke, I somehow got roped into kicking on, which seems to be I why I found myself on the dancefloor at Home Nightclub at 2am, busting funkies until the sun came up. After doing a Maccas brekky run to absorb the obscene amount of alcohol that I had consumed (their stoopid thickshake machine was broken - not happy Jan!), and stopping by another pub for a final drink (it was 6:45am at that stage) I finally headed home to bed.

It was a great night! I'm very surprised that I was able to rise to the challenge and go hard all night! I didn't think I was capable of that anymore. :o) Totally crazy.

I had a missed call from a number that I don't recognise at about 1 this morning. I think it might have been from one of my exes. I wish he'd leave me alone! It's been 9 months for goodness sake!!! GET OVER IT!!

My kidneys hurt (probably because I consumed enough alcohol to kill a small horse last night) and I have only had 5 hours sleep and I'm supposed to be working a night shift tonight, so I'd better go and get back into bed soon. Mmmm... bed.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

No ordinary boy, no ordinary boy is gonna do. I want a rider that's cool.

Grease 2 was so good last night!!! Yay and woohoo for me!!! I just wish me DVD player worked so I could watch it at my house instead of having to take it to other people's places to watch!

Have you ever wanted to look like the models in those glossy photos in magazines? You know the ones I'm talking about... the ones where they have perfect hair and a perky arse and flat, rock hard abs. Unfortunately it's never going to happen. Go to this site to find out why.

I'm just going to have a little rant about children these days because I heard something lastnight that absolutely appalled me. I was heading over to Aimee's place and I walked past the 7/11 near the station. Outside, leaning against the wall was this kid with a moblie phone. He couldn't have been more than 12 or 13. Judging by his tiny size he could have been even younger than that. As I was walking towards him he lifted the phone to his ear. Here is the conversation the he had:
Child: "Mum, where the hell are you?"
Insert the unheard short replay of the mother here.
Child: "You're a fucking idiot." And then he hangs up on her!

I was absolutely appalled!! I would never have dreamed of speaking to my mother like that and if I had I would have had the sorest bottom around for weeks!

What would you do if your kids did that to you?

Any child that pulls that crap on it's parents deserve a smack upside the head and to be left outside in the cold! I know that's what mine would get.

Children these days... really.

On a less ranty note, this is my 151st post!!! Yay for me!!! That's 2 blogging milestones this month!

And finally, my AFL team (Australian Football - kind of a bastardisation of Gaelic football with an oval ball, a round pitch and 4 goal posts at each end) has made it through to the Grand Final!!!! for the first time in 9 years or something. If the Swans (aka the Bloods) win the premiership it will be for the first time in 72 years!!! Yay!!! *Yaeli does a crazy happy dance!*

Friday, September 16, 2005

Never again!!!!

Ok, I keep saying it... but this time I totally, really, truely, 100% mean it.

That 2000 word essay on depression that I stayed home from uni to write yesterday didn't get underway until 10am today!!! It was due in at 5pm and by 4:55 (after sitting in the uni library for nearly 8 hours straight) I'd had enough and decided that 5 and a half pages looked long enough even if I was still 400 words short of the mark.
So I chucked a strop at the uni printer, grabbed my assignment and went and handed it in. Stuff it, it's only worth 30% anyway.

Mr Craig and I realised today that for the last 2 years we have both complained time and again about how slack we are doing our assignments at the eleventh hour (and sometimes long past that). We have both chastised and ridiculed our stupid habit of doing our assignments on the day they are due and then getting surprised that we get stressed about it! The funny thing is that we are both maintaining credit averages! Imagine what we could be getting if we actually planned and put some effort into the damn things!!! Crazy!!!

Going to Miss Aimee's tonight to eat thai, drink pink champagne and watch Grease 2. So sophisticated!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I have become a total television whore... and I kinda like it!

When I heard about Foxtel's "Rockstar:INXS" show that began a few months ago, I swore I would never watch it. As an Australian and a long time INXS fan I honestly believe that the band is selling out by using a reality TV show to try to replace the remarkably talented (and very dead) Michael Hutchence. For 9 whole weeks I managed to avoid the prostitution of one of Australia's (and the world's) greatest bands... That is until last week.

I was stuck at home last Wednesday evening waiting for NCIS to start at 9:30 and I was channel surfing when I stumbled across Marty's performance of his song "Trees" on Rockstar. I now have a bit of a crush on Marty. He's not all that good looking, and he definitely needs a decent feed (he is so skinny!!!!) but his performance totally blew my skirt up and turned me on!!! So much so in fact, (wait for it, my shame rating gets even higher now) that I tuned in at 8:30 last night and watched the whole show... and then I tuned in again for the rerun at 11:30!! *Squeals and hides face in shame!*

As much as Marty turns me on though I would love to see Mig Ayesa (the Aussie boy) front the Aussie band!!

*Stoopid side note: Mig used to play the bad landlord on the kids TV show "The Ferals", a show about a rat, a cat, a rabbit and a really dumb dog who all live in a dump and are looked after by people who live in the house nextdoor.

Go Marty! - 'cos he turns me on.
Go Mig!! - 'cos he's an Aussie!

"Babe it's you and me up in the tree, and the forest will give us the answers.
And it's you and I up in the sky, it's a recipe for disaster."
*Yaeli hangs her head in shame at the realisation that she is a total reality TV whore.*
I have taken today off uni to write a 2000 word essay on depression for my mental health subject. Does anyone want to do it for me? It is now 12:30 (lunchtime!!!) and I still haven't written a word. I am the Queen of procrastination!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Not much to say...

I went to visit Angie's blog (Ficken Chingers) today and found that she had done this snazzy little test. Now I know that I'm a young'un and I most certainly did spend my 80's experience avoiding "boy germs", rather than lusting after very much older men on the telly, but I have always had a little thing for "Uncle Jesse", aka John Stamos!

Your 80s Heartthrob Is

John Stamos
Who's Your 80's Heartthrob?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Stoopid freaking Shitty Rail, grrrr, arghh!

Please excuse this rant about Sydney's incompetent public transport system.

I worked a night shift last night, 9:30pm - 7:30am. All I can say about it is at least it was quiet. By the time I left the hospital and got to the train station to head home, I had been up for just short of 24 hours. All I wanted was to go home and tuck myself into bed and have a good morning's sleep.

I bought my ticket and walked down to the platform to catch the train and as I did so I checked the indicator board to make sure that the next train stopped at my stop, which it did. Then the station master made an announcement about where the train would be stopping, and again he mentioned my station. I was so happy! I only had to wait 3.5 mins (and 22 nanoseconds) for the train that would speedily convey me to within 2 minutes walk of my cosy bed! Yay!

Anywho... the train pulls in and I check the indicator board for any last minute changes (none) and I jump on board. The train station for the hospital where I was working is 4 stops from my station. We got through the first two stops ok and stopped and picked up and dropped of people. Then as we were entering the station before mine I noticed that the train wasn't slowing down! The train driver had changed the stopping pattern after I got on the train and they hadn't told anyone!!! The train went whooshing past my station as I looked forlornly out the window muttering 4 letter words under my breath. GRRRRRR!

I ended up 2 stops past my station (at least it wasn't 10 stops as it could have been), having to try and get on a train heading back my way in peak hour. Add into the mix the fact that I drank 4 bottles of water over the course of my night shift and was now busting to do a wee, and I wasn't a happy girl. By the time I got home I was ready to cry and throw a massive tantrum.

So I did.

Then I went to bed.

Someone really needs to fix our public transport system!!! It totally sucks dogs balls!!! Rather than getting more competent staff and improving what they had, they released a new timetable a week ago that meant fewer trains taking longer to get people where they need to go! It's times like this that I wouldn't mind living in Japan (except that I'd be a huge white woman in a culture of rather petite people... but that's a story for another time!)!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bright light, bright light.

Ok, ok Dena! I'm posting!!!

I feel like a mogwai today. Everything is too bright. But at least the poo-fairy didn't visit me last night.

I went out with a few friends last night, and downed many a vodka on the way. But surprisingly when Miss Aimee and I got to the "Crowie Hoey" at midnight, we appeared to be the most sober people in the place!

I wasn't quite like the picture below... but a few more drinks and I could have been. If only there were some decent looking guys!

Keeping true to my bizarre love for crappy 80's movies, I found this Grease 2 Personality test on OKCupid! Grease 2 is total crap but it's absolutely awesome!!! I would watch it right now except that my DVD player is broken. Bugger!!!

*Cool Rider*
You scored 90 Pink Lady, 63 T-Bird, 0 Greaseball, and 12 Teacher!
Be you lady or be you man, you are someone to be worshipped and plied with gifts. You've got the perfect balance of knowledge, cool and pretty dresses and, quite frankly, you're the Don. Bless you and keep you.

If you were a song you'd be Cool Rider. Whatever dark secrets you might have lurking inside, you are the epitome of wonder on the surface. Lesser beings want to love you just for this reason - but hey, don't waste your cool on them unless you ace Shakespeare first. Legend.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 97% on Pink Lady

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 92% on T-Bird

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 0% on Greaseball

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 2% on Teacher
Link: The Grease 2 Personality Test written by phaeton on Ok Cupid

Friday, September 09, 2005

Nobody puts Baby in the corner...

OMFG!!! Dirty Dancing is on the telly right now!!!! *Screams wildly, like the obsessive prepubescent fan of some generic pop group.*

Long term readers will know of my passion for really trashy 80's movies... in particular Top Gun and Dirty Dancing. I go absolutely wild for both these movies and I know them both by heart. (Sad, I know.) A few years ago when I fractured vertebrae in my back and was bed bound, I watched Dirty Dancing 3 times in 2 days!!! And I still love it!!!

I love it! I love it!! I love it!!!

Yes, I am a total dork sometimes.

As promised, here are a couple of photos of my "noo doo". Now, I'm not much of a photographer (particularly a self photographer), and I'm even less impressive as a model, however these photos aren't too bad really. They don't quite show how bright the colours in my hair are, but I've definitely managed to get decent shots to show off my interesting bob / wonky bowl cut (which is very short in the back), and how straight and tidy my normally curly and unruly hair is.

I saw my grandmother today who told me that she hated the colour and the cut, but she liked the straight hair. So I've decided that the colour and the cut are keepers, and the tidy straight look goes! :o) The straight look is kinda growing on me (well of course it is, it's my hair!!! haha!) but it's too much to maintain for everyday wear unless I get my hair chemically straightened, which I won't do because I'm too fond of my curls at the moment. I'm not too sure how it's going to look when I go back to the curls tomorrow... I may have to post a photo comparison later in the week.

I'm off to go dance in front of the TV now.

I carried a watermelon.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I have new hair!

I spent three and a half hours (yes, 3.5 hours) at the hairdresser today! It wasn't supposed to take that long but after the first lots of foils when Ange was styling my hair she realised that she should have put more foils on top... so she did. (If you don't know what foils are then please ignore that last statement.) So now I have crimson red and copper blonde stripes (cos they are bigger than streaks) in my hair and I have a cool rock chick kinda short at the back, long at the front cut. And on top of that Ange straightened my hair, so today I have straight hair instead of my usual curls!!! It looks a bit like I'm wearing a wig. Weird, but cool! I'll post a photo when I get one... which will hopefully be tonight.

Today at uni, Jenny-Jenny passed the previously mentioned treasured copy of the Calendar Collection by Australia's own over opinionated, racist, sexist and homophobic son, John Laws. As promised I am posting the poem "The muffins got stuck today" in full.

The muffins got stuck today.

The muffins got stuck today
I never know the difference between muffins and crumpets
But they would have stuck anyway
And I love you.

My watch stopped today
And I didn't have five cents to ring up the man
And he might have been wrong anyway
And I love you.

I ripped my jeans today
Rips give character anyway
And I was busting my pants to see you
And I love you.

My heart stopped thinking today
It stopped at the thought
That you might want to know it that way.
If that is so let it quietly lay
As it cannot amount to anything
Any other way
Without you.
And I love you.

John Laws circa 1976

I would also like to post the bio from the inside of the dust jacket. It is quite obvioulsy penned by Johnny himself back in the 70's, and it is a wonderful example of how self-involved he was (and still is) and how seriously he takes himself. Please read it with a deep voice in a most over-emphatic and over-dramatised manner. I have popped in a bit of a commentary in red.

"The John Laws patter on radio is blunt, opinionated and witty (not to mention racist, sexist and homophobic). He talks with the confidence of a man used to being listened to - and with a deep and sensuous voice that has made him Australia's highest paid radio personality.
John Laws now enjoys all the trappings of success, including an elegant Sydney home, a fleet of cars, and the independence to do things his own way. This hasn't always been so. (Bring in the violins.) More than twenty years ago he found his way into radio through a friend of a friend after having become bored with the life of a jackaroo. With his new found talent he worked his way back to Sydney, got married and with everything apparently going for him, prepared to raise two children. Suddenly he was struck by polio. Then followed seven despairing months in hospital, a divorce, and unemployment. Heavy drinking added to this lonely crisis in his life. Slowly he worked his way back to health and to radio. He remarried and had three more children, then divorced and remarried again (as you do when you're a wanker who is impossible to live with).
His successes include television, theatre, movies (I cannot think of a single movie he has been in) and records. Encouraged (damn those idiots in the 60's) by the reception of songs he had composed, John Laws turned to poetry (the word poetry is being used in it's loosest possible sense) - and this is his fourth book of poems. (Believe it or not some dickhead was dumb enough to publish not just this one, but 3 others as well!)
John Laws likes motorcycles, casual clothes, and to roll his own cigarettes. But he is sensitive. So is his poetry."

I am going to have endless hours of fun with this book!!! It totally cracks me up!! Watch out for more "poems" being posted in the future.

Today's pic is for Mr Best - Don't you wag that finger at me in such a teacherly fashion. I know smoking is a dirty habit!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

You found me! You win a beer!

Today I:

  • Went to uni and got the first part of my group assignment handed in.
  • Went shopping and bought my friend's little girl 2 bath books (vinyl or plastic books that can be played with in the bath) for her 1st birthday.
  • Bought my sleeping mat, sleeping sheet and travel pillow for Vanuatu, and I put my mozzie dome on order. (It's so exciting!!! It's all starting to feel real!!) Thanks again to Mr Tax Man for giving me money!
  • Sent a HUGE e-mail to Clairey over in Europe, cos I said I'd send one the other day and today I got a cranky sms because I hadn't sent it yet.
  • Took my slippers for another outing to the Thai restaurant up the road to get dinner.
  • Lost half a packet of cigarettes on my way to get my Thai dinner. Found them on my way home again.
  • Watched "Monster" on Showtime.
  • Walked in on these two "doing it" in the office...
Quite a boring day really! Sleeping time now!

Looks like we'll be going down together... I mean getting off together...

OMG!!! I just typed an entire post and somewhere between pushing publish and it appearing on my blog it got lost!!! WTF?

Had two very interesting shifts at work in two days!! I spent yesterdays and todays shift doing a "special" (individual patient care) in the Emergency Department at RNSH looking after a young woman who was admitted over the weekend experiencing a psychotic episode. Yesterday she was paranoid and aggressive so they drugged her up. While she spent most of my shift sleeping, I spent most of my shift perving on the ambos bringing in the casualties. I'm a sucker for a man in uniform!

When I went back to my girl today she wasn't drugged up but was resting in bed and seemed quite calm... That was until the electronics tried to get her! In the last 24 hours she has developed an obsession with the thought that there are electronics in the floor and the bed that are dangerous. The bed is toally manual, no eletronics there, and the floor... well, the floor is linoleum. Not very attractive but certainly not dangerous! :o) I had to mop the floor repeatedly after she decided that the way to stop the electronics from getting to her was to pour water on the floor. I also watched as she wiped down the bed frame with a wet cloth to stop the electronics there too. It's a crazy thing to watch! She had also developed a fixation with the sink. She had to have a rubber glove covering the faucet and another in the plug hole and then she had to have the soap dispenser sitting on top of that. Between her and the hot ambos I was kept amused all evening! :o)

In other news, the Tax Man loves me. He has decided that this year I don't need to make my annual HECS (student loan) debt repayment this year! Even better he has directly credited my account with my tax return of approx. $1600 (that's about $700US I think, and bout 3 pounds sterling, hehehe. Damn exchange rate!)!!! Yay for me!!! That's an extra $1600 in my Vanuatu account!

I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar hey hey hey hey!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Can you make it after 11? The poolboy is coming to bang my arse off.

This post is alternatively titled "The Return of Mr Complicated".

I was woken by a text message at 1am today. It was from an ex known as "Mr Complicated", whos number I deleted from my phone nearly two months ago due to the fact that I was sick of the on again / off again casual sex / friendship thing that we had going on.

The Backstory: Mr C and I met about 18 months ago in the bar at my uni when I yelled at him because I thought he was checking out one of my friends. He joined us at our table and bought us beer and a couple of weeks later he asked for my number and called me an asked me out on a date. A week after our first date he told me that he didn't really want a relationship and that all he was looking for was casual sex. This was ok with me at the time and it went on for a couple of months until everything went to shit because I got too involved and he fucked up. Since then we have tried to maintain a fucked up sort of friendship which sometimes strayed into the realm of sex.

A couple of months ago I finally decided that what we had going on wasn't compatible with what I wanted both in life and from a partner, so I deleted his number from my phone and told him so. A couple of weeks after that I got very drunk one night and found a text message in my phone from him which had his phone number attached. I messaged him, and he messaged me and very soon what we wanted from each other was brought up. The next morning I told him that I wouldn't contact him again because it was apparent that we both wanted different things from each other.

Fast forward a month or so to last night (or, to be more accurate, this morning) when out of the blue Mr C messages me. Over several messages Mr C tells me:

  • that he needed the company of someone he trusted and he first thought of me,
  • that I was right and that we do "fit well together",
  • that he is sorry for the way he has treated me,
  • that he is attracted to me the way I was to him,
  • that all he wants is somebody who he can feel secure with, and
  • that he feels stupid because he has a girl (me) who wants him and he keeps pushing me away.

Apparently he was only a little drunk whilst making these declarations. When I saked what he wanted from me (at 2 am) I got no reply so I rolled over and finally went back to sleep.

At 8am this morning I received a message saying that he didn't just want sex from me, but that he didn't want a relationship at the moment either... which is obviously why he woke me at 1 am to declare everything, short of his undying love and affection for me. I told him that I really don't understand him, and he tells me that he really doesn't understand himself either and that he would have liked to have woken up with me next to him this morning, but he's not ready for a relationship. So I told him to go and get his shit together and sort himself out and once he's done that, if he still wants me, and everything that goes with being with me, he can pick up the phone and call me and ask me out on a date and maybe we can start afresh. But in the meantime I'm going to get on with my life. I got no reply to that.

Did I do the right thing? I think I did. There was once (and maybe still is) a lot of affection and caring between us. Mr C is a man with who I am supremely comfortable, and we do fit well together. But I'm not prepared to settle with someone who can't, and won't, give me what I want. Too harsh? Maybe, but it has to be done.

Anywho... long one today. I'd better run and get ready for work 'cos I'm running late!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hi ho Silver, away!!!

I am such a goober!!! For the second time in 24 hours I have wandered out of the house and up the road to the shops, only to realise when I get there that I am still wearing my purple terry cloth slippers!!! This morning I was trying to find Draino to fix my shower drain because it isn't draining properly, and I was standing in the supermarket aisle scouring the shelves when I suddenly caught sight of something purple sticking out from under my jeans. This didn't bother me too much until the penny dropped and I realised that I don't own a pair of purple shoes. :o)

I am such a dag! Hehehe.

Friday, September 02, 2005

My blog's birthday!

I just realised that it's my blog's birthday this month!!! I have been writing random crap and posting it on the internet for a whole year!!! You can't imagine the underwhelming feeling of satisfaction that accompanies such an "accomplishment". Yay for me.

On another note, I have been looking at innovative ways to supplement my meagre students income so that I can afford to buy all my stuff that I'm going to need for my trip to Vanuatu at the end of the year. This is one clever way to make money... and apparently it works because the guy extended his deadline. His original mission was to get $5000 by 30th June, 2005. It appears he received this amount as he has a new mission and a new deadline, to sell 100,000 copies of his book by 6th November, 2006. I say eat the rabbit! There are some crazy people in this world!

Good morning starshine... the earth says hello!

I'm wagging uni today. I woke up this morning and just couldn't be bothered going to my 9am class... so I didn't. Problem solved!!!

I went to the movies last night to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which just opened yesterday in Oz, we're a little behind the rest of the world). I absolutely loved it! Where would the world be without Johnny Depp!!!

I've just had a brain fart and can't think of anything else to write, so I'll probably post again later today. I am so boring! :o)