Thursday, June 08, 2006

First the return of the prodigal blogger... Now the return of the prodigal laptop.

Woohoo!!! Once again I am now able to blog in bed!!!
Would you believe that it took more than 3 months to get my laptop repaired under warranty??!! The stoopid thing crashed back at the end of February and the mother board had to be replaced, and finally my sweet laptop was returned to me this week!

In other news, for anyone else who has been sucked into the world of MySpace, you can find me at Add me to your friends list!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yes, I am a bad, bad blogger!! - Return of the prodigal blogger.

I am dreadful aren't I??!! Fancy me buggering off and abandoning my blog for nearly 2 months!!!
Apologies to all my faithful readers who have been left without anything to read, and have been reduced to speculating about my whereabouts and begging me to return.

In my defence I have been more than a little caught up with uni work and practical, as well as working ridiculous hours in order to earn money to fund my next trip to Vanuatu in July.

How could I stay away from the gorgeous man below for any longer than that??!!!

These photos were taken on my last trip at Easter time. 10 days was far too short, but it was more than enough time to confirm our feelings for each other and reassure us that what we are doing is right. Ben is now looking to buy a block of land around Port Vila, and we've already agreed on what type of house we're looking to build. Now all we have to do is get through the next 18 months and then we will be able to live in the same country!!!!

The July trip will be for 4 weeks, and it looks like my Mum and her husband will be coming over for a few days to meet Ben and his family which will be fantastic! Hopefully Ben will be coming out here in December for a holiday which we are both super excited about, but we're still in the planning stages of that adventure.

Hopefully you guys will get to hear more from me before I disappear to Vanuatu again in a month as I am now starting holidays and will have a bit more time on my hands in between crazy night shifts and assignments that still need to be submitted for uni.

Anywho... At least now you know that I'm still alive.