Friday, August 10, 2007

A comedy of errors!

If I wasn't laughing so hard I'd be crying right now.

Mum came home from hospital on Wednesday and is definitely on the improve. If she can nag me then she must be getting better. The hospital visit itself was a bit of a balls-up, from the emergency room doctor canulating and taking blood without wearing gloves (who wants to share their blood borne diseases with him?), to the nurse wanting to remove my mother's catheter (only 1 hitch: SHE DIDN'T HAVE ONE!), to the doctor who wrote up another patient's medications on my Mum's medication chart (can anyone say lawsuit?). I think we were both pleased that she was outta there!

I spent much of Wednesday looking forward to my brother coming down from Queensland to help look after Mum. When he turned up on the doorstep on Wednesday he took me aside and asked for some medical advice. Turns out a friend staying with him this week has discovered that he has shingles and then my brother showed me some spots that had come out on his chest and face. He had chicken pox!!!! Totally unrelated to his friend getting shingles though!

So in the house I had my immunocomprimised mother who is recovering from a secondary viral infection with kidney involvement, and a 22 year old with chicken pox!!! NIGHTMARE!

Does the nursing ever stop?

So glad I'll be going back home to Vanners tomorrow!

Friday, August 03, 2007

No news is good news...

Once again it's been ages since I've posted.

Work has been crazy busy (nothing new there) and last weekend Mum flew over to visit us. Mum's visit unfortunately has not gone as planned. Within 24 hours she got really sick and wasn't able to leave the hotel room for 3 days. Yesterday I flew back to Sydney with her to get her admitted to hospital and get things sorted out. We would have done it in Vanuatu but the expats there have a motto, "if you're in pain, get on the plane". It's preferable to recieving health care in an under resouced hospital in a developing nation. So right now I'm back in Sydney and will be here for about a week until Mum's a bit better.

In other news, everything with me and Ben is going well and Choco is getting bigger everyday. I had to take him to the vet in the middle of June because he got sick and was throwing up. The vet gave him a vaccination against parvovirus and said that he had gastro and weighed him and he weighed 5 kilos. Last week (six weeks later) I took him back to the vet for a booster vaccination and the vet weighed him again. He weighed 10.5 kilos. In six weekis my baby has more than doubled his weight!!! I think he's gonna be a big boy. He's also started losing his teeth and getting his "big boy teeth".

I have also managed to work out this Facebook business... I'm a little bit addicted really. It's amazing who you can find on that thing!

Not much else is news at this point in time.

Once again I promise i'll try to lift my game and post more often.