Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pope Names

If I am elected, my pope name will be:
Pope Facetious Rich I
What's your pope name?

Me is sick. :o(

It's definitely glandular fever! Yay! So no fun for me for a while! However, it's not in the early stages as first thought. It appears that I may have picked it up more than a month ago! Let's hear it for hidden illnesses! Woohoo!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Everytime a door closes, a window opens... hell, you've gotta have something to throw yourself out of!!!

Well, I got my stoopid assignments in, after staying awake for more than 24 hours to get them done. I must do a big shout out to Beary who came over and helped me put together my children's book that I had to do! Big thank yous to Miss Bear!!!

Anyway, this week I have faced a new challenge. For the past fortnight I have had a really sore throat, swollen glands, red tonsils, the lot! So yesterday I realised how abnormal that was and decided to go see a doctor about it. Turns out they think I have glandular fever! Great!!! So I am currently waiting for test results to confirm whether it's glandular, or a nasty virus called CMV which often preceeds chronic fatigue, or whether I just have a freaky, abnormally sore throat. The Doc said she'd be very surprised if I came back clear for glandular. So that will mean no drinking, smoking, running around, kissing and overworking for the next 3 months! Fun!!!! There goes my entire lifestyle!!! What will I do without kissing for 3 months?! It's the end of the world as we know it. on the plus side I won't get my results until Tuesday, so until then I can pretend that I know nothing about it and I can continue with my debaucherous lifestyle. :oD
Yay for irrationality!!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Oohh I am so crap!!!

It is midnight. I have two assignments due tomorrow. And I have spent all day procrastinating and haven't written a word.
I am such a loser for doing this all the time!!! Every year I say "never again" and then sure enough...

Bugger it all...

Time to stop procrastinating now... right after i make a cup of tea of course. ;o)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I'm not playing hard to get... I AM hard to get.

My problem is solved!
Do guys realise how offensive it is to turn up to a date late, wearing grotty clothes and with crap all over the floor and seats of his car? And do they realise how rude it is to ask a girl out, ask her to pick the meeting time and then, 2 hours before the meeting time, send a text asking if you can meet half an hour later without any reason or apology?

TIPS FOR ALL MEN: If you are interested in a chick then show it! Show her that you respect her by dressing nicely and making an effort when you take her out! If you are expecting her to ride in your car then clean it! Don't make her feel like she is riding in a toxic waste dump and that she might catch some rare disease from the huge amount of shit all over your car! Guys have to learn that women appreciate a man who takes pride in his appearance. This doesn't mean you have to be an arrogant, buff gym bunny, in fact it would be better if you aren't, but you don't have to be a complete slob!

Slobbiness is the worlds biggest turn off! Get it together lads!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


That bad bad thing that baby did has got her in rather a pickle!
I have 3 choices, 1) choose both, 2) choose G or 3) Choose B. Obviously my mojo is back and flowing. When it rains, it pours! Just puts me between a rock and a hard place for a little while. Bugger.

Anywho... Am back to my old tricks. Have a mid-semester exam today (will study on the train apparently) and 2 major assignments due on Monday. And I have done absolutely nothing for them! Crap crappity crap crap crap. I said last year that I wouldn't do this again but it seems that every attempt to be consciencious has gone down the loo. Crap. :o(

Will someone do my assignments for me?

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Baby did a bad, bad thing...

I am never going to post-shoreshocked drinks ever again! My former workmates are such bad influences!! They got me drunk and kept me out until all hours. And then my baser instincts got the better of me and the rest is history. What a messy night!

I am never going to work with a hangover again!

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Seeing Mr Complicated's comment reminded me. Shoreshocked is coming up this weekend and that therefore marks one year since you asked me out. Happy anniversary my complicated friend! Who knows what my life would've been like without you! :oP

I realised today that I am the most insecure secure person I know! Especially when it comes to blokes. And there are many people to thank for helping to make me that way. But no matter how secure or insecure I am I know that I am one gorgeous babe and I'm out to take the world by storm!

"Start walkin' boots!"

Monday, April 04, 2005

It's official!

Things are looking up in the world of Yaeli! :o)
I officially have a new boyfriend! How exciting!!!

I went to my Nanna's best friend's birthday party yesterday which was nice, but a bit sad too. Nanna and Dossie were friends for more than 50 years and, particularly after my Pa died, they used to talk on the phone every day and do the SMH crosswords. It's sad to see how much Dossie misses Nanna. But it comforting to know how much she meant to other people outside the family. They changed each other's lives. I hope I have friends like that when I'm old and decrepit.

Don't know what else to say really... :oP