Sunday, February 27, 2005

RedFox and Pixie Bottom hit the town...

and my oh my did the town hit back!!!

Earlier this week Miss RedFox won tix to a Nova 96.9 night racing thingo at Canterbury racecourse which took place tonight. So this evening the beautiful Miss RedFox and I attended and I must complain that our fellow attendee's were a pack of freaks and swamp donkeys! We did meet a lovely, yet rather simple guy who discribed himself as a "filthy screw" (his job not his prowess in the sack). However as fun as he was we couldn't help but notice that his "friends" called us mingas and then left him with us while they went to "bet on the dogs". On the plus side we did get him to enter a dance off in front of 100+ people and he did have a nice smile... He would have been lovely if he'd kept his mouth closed. Sidetrack: Anyone (aside from the fair and lovely Miss RedFox) who can tell me what his profession was will score 2 drinks to the value of $10 or less from me next time we are at the pub.

Anywho... free alcohol on behalf of Nova wasn't to be sneezed at (even if it was very poor sparkling white and a substandard white, red and Tooheys New) so we had a few at Nova's expense and Miss RedFox came out a million dollars better than what she went in. All in all it was a reasonable night made wonderful by great company and many laughs... Miss R, we must find that photographer.

I would like to do a shout out to Miss RedFox's sweet flatmate who I'm sure finds me rather scary and confronting, but who I think is a lovely man with a great tolerance for strange (but funny) young women who end up having coffee in his lounge room at midnight. Thanks for putting up with me Tiger! I only give you shit 'cos I think you're cool and I am very pleased that you have moved into "the chateau".

I can't work out if it is very late or very early... hmmm....

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Birthday Sex: Better Late than never...

Guess who got laid last night?! *Giggles with a stupid grin on face*
My friend's brother messaged me at 3:30 this morning for a booty call. He said he wanted to make up for not coming to my birthday party. Yes, this is the same guy with whom I had the failed "where do we go from here" summit. And yes, this is the same guy who told me that last time would be our final fling. Woohoo! I am so glad that people are weak right now!

It had been a whole month... and that was 3 weeks and 6 days too long as far as I'm concerned. :o) But now the problem has been solved! I no longer have to hang my hopes on "ex - sex" sometime in may with a complicated man with possible Nicaraguan blood diseases. Yay for me!

Sleeping time now!

Friday, February 25, 2005

This is Pixie Bottom signing in from the deep dark depths of Africa...

I have been very tired this week and I don't know why... maybe I'm getting sick again... I dunno.

Uni is going back next weekand I don't know whether I'm excited or bummed out. On one hand it'll be good to get back into it and get my brain working again, but on the other hand I'm not sure my brain will appreciate being forced back into work... there is every chance that my brain cells will stage a mass walk out and go on strike. Not that i'm stupid or anything. I did an IQ test the other day and got 124... so I'm not quite a genius but i'm no window licker either.

Anywho... That's all for my intelligent navel gazing. I can't think of what else to write... so I will go and eat instead. Tata!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

That's it!

In recognition of my new hair cut and because Miss RedFox keeps calling me so, I will be changing my name to Pixie for the next indeterminate amount of time. So I can be called Pixie or Miss Pixie, but no longer shall I be called Yaeli... (at least until I get sick of this new game).

It will be my BGC name Miss RedFox!

Pixie something.... It needs someting a little rude as a surname to offset the childishness of it...
Any ideas?

Happy birthday to me, I'm one hundred and three!

I look like a monkey and I smell like a wee!

It's my birthday, so let's partay!!!

Thank you to all those lovely people who have already messaged and called me (all before 9am I might add) to wish me a happy birthday! I love youse all!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Little bit overhung today.

I woke up today and my bedroom smelled like some dirty drunk person had slept in it... an intriguing combination of cigarette smoke and that weird alcohol seeping out of pores smell.

I got on the computer to find that in my haze last night I had sent a few e-mails and now have a round of belated birthday sex lined up for April with the guy previously referred to as Mr Complicated. I do believe some drunken smses were sent out as well... why do I even bother trying to communicate when I am drunk? It is quite obvious that all roads lead to sex after I've had a few drinks. I need to hire someone to control me at that point in the evening. I wonder if there's a business that rents chaperones out to people to stop them doing dumb stuff when they are drunk? And if not, why isn't there one? And who wants to start one up with me?

Mmmm bbq shapes are so tasty!

Meesa pissded and me jeans too long!

Thank you to all the special peoples who came to my birthday drinks tonight! I am still wearing my tiara Miss RedFox! Please excuse any typos, i'm rather drunk on this fine evening.
And I'm rather disappointed at my lack of birthday sex.

Too drinkded to write more... might incriminate self...
Will write sober things later...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nanna is working her magic for me!

I have been called in for an interview for that job with council that I applied for! WOOHOO! The interview is next Wednesday, so I need you all to spend the next week focusing your positive engery on me getting the job. May the force be with me!

On another note, I am still struck by how weird things got with Muso Boy yesterday evening. I still can't understand how things went from "Hi how are you", to "I want to cheat on my girlfriend with you". Miss RedFox, I think he's trying to touch my wallie! Very suss indeed...

Why do I always get the suss ones?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I am so cute!!!

I got my hair done today and I look like a pixie!!! :o) I am such a cutie! I have this itsy bitsy little fringe and lots of sticky up hair bits! I am just so cool! I decided that I had to make myself look a little less scruffy for Nanna's funeral on Friday. And Mum said that she'd pay for it as my birthday present. So I got my hair cut and coloured and now I have a pixie hairdo with reddish brown streaks in a halo around the front, back and sides.

I got an sms today from this guy who plays in a reasonably popular Sydney band. I met him a few years ago when I was out with some friends and he was a friend of my friend's boyfriend. then late last year his band came and played a gig at my youth centre and we had a chat and caught up. (In fact at one point he made a rather inappropriate joke to one of my co-workers that we weren't talking but in fact pashing on out the back.) Anywho, his band is actually rather good, which explains why they are reasonably popular, and I asked to be put on their mailing list to find out when they are playing gigs etc.

So today I got an sms telling me that they will be playing a few gigs in the coming weeks. I sent back an sms saying thank you for the heads up about the gigs and 2 smses later he is telling me that his girlfriend doesn't boss him around and that he finds it a turn on. All this from me saying "Thanks for the heads up and don't work too hard." How bizzare!!!! He's a strange little man and all of this has taken me a little by surprise, however it means that I can probably get free tix to this gig next weekend so I'll let him say what he wants til the tix are in my hot little hand. :o)

It's a mad mad mad mad world.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I would like to do a big shout out to all my friends who have called, written and kept me safe the last few days. In particular, Thank you Miss RedFox for taking me under your wing on Saturday and through the night. Thank you Misses Bear and Sare for lovely shopping and dinner and waffle making yesterday.

I got another awesome birthday present yesterday. Miss Bear got me a Woddles. It's made by Sunbeam and it is a waffle maker that makes waffles in the shape of little penguins with a dent in the tummy for ice cream and everything!!! They are very cool! I have a photo of some of the ones we made last night but I can't work out how to get the photos off the phone and onto the computer. And the little penguin waffles have little faces on them and they are so cute!!!! It's definitely a fun way to keep busy. So if anyone fancies waffles, give me a call and swing by my place... I'll sort you out!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I feel so lost.

I feel blank.

I am trying not to develop an obsession with the fact that I have nothing to wear to Nanna's funeral.

Anyone got any ideas?

Saturday, February 12, 2005

17 months is too long to be apart from the person that you love.

My Nanna died yesterday. 17 months, to the day, after my Pa died. They had been together for almost 59 years and they were kept apart for 17 months. The world works in strange ways huh?

I got a phonecall at 10:30 yesterday morning from my mum, who is in Tasmania at the moment for work. She told me that my nan was semi conscious and that the nursing staff at the nursing home didn't think she'd last the day. My aunt and I went and sat with her. I think she was already halfway to heaven at that time. She seemed calm and peaceful and without pain. I can't explain the experience of watching someone's condition deteriorate so rapidly. We watched her breathing go from being reasonably regular, to the breaths being more erratic and shallow. She took these shallow breaths and you'd almost hold your breath until she took the next one. Each time there was this big gap my aunt and I would look at each other thinking (and hoping) that this would be the last. But another one followed. As distressing as this was for us, it didn't seem to distress her. Her body was just doing what bodies do.

I sat with her most of the day, from11 til about 4:45, then one of Nanna's close friends picked me up and drove me to work. We had it planned that I would come back after work and sit with her while my aunt went for a sleep. But at about 10 I got a phone call at work telling me that she had died. Nanna's friend came back and got me and I went back to the nursing home to say goodbye. I didn't want them to put her body in a holding room so I made the choice to sit with her body until "the man in the van" came to get her.

It was so hard to see this lifeless shell left on the bed. Once she'd gone her body just stopped looking like her. It was like looking at a wax model. She just wasn't there anymore. She'd finally gone to be with Pa.

At 12:20 this morning the funeral directors came and they put her body in a maroon body bag and they took it away. I was there to give her a guard of honour. It was the very least that she deserved.

So that's it. It's all over, aside from the funeral next week. We have been waiting for this time for more than 18 months, since she was diagnosed with her heart condition, and now that the time has come it just doesn't seem real. Nothing seems real. The world has lost a brilliant woman and most people will never know about it.

The hardest bit about it all though isn't her dying. It was watching a clever, witty and brilliant woman, who completed both the quick crossword and the cryptic crossword every day, become a confused and distressed little old lady, just like the rest of them there in the nursing home. If I am truly honest, I'd have to say that she really hasn't been with us for at least the last week. And that's a truly heart breaking thing.

It's all over.

I miss her already.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Can you feel the love Miss Tash?

I got my first Valentine today from my Llama Face!!!! And in the same package was my first birthday pressie!!! Llama sent me this awesome little "bad taste bears" keyring with a sexy little nurse bear (how appropriate!) on it. And she has little rubber gloves on, and on one finger she has what I suppose could be lube, like she's ready to give someone a rectal exam. Hehehe... so funny!!!! Check her out on the website, Click on your country and then click on "the collection". She's on there somewhere. Her name is Nursie. I think she's a nurse in a sperm bank! :o)
If anyone is wondering what to get me for my b'day, get me AC/DC.

I want to collect them all!!!!

Llama also sent me a set of "Bar Secrets" cards for Sydney. These are basically a listing of all the top bars in Sydney. Ladies, get ready to work our way through the deck!
Llama also sent me 2 awesome cards. A V-day one "to make sure that I got at least one" (thanks Llama), and very sweet birthday card.

Thankyou Llama for my fantastic pressies and your beautiful words. We may piss each other off when where together, but I miss you more than anything when we're apart. *Yaeli wipes a tear from her eye...* Love you lots Llama Face!

I just realised that I could also spell Miss Tash's name as Moustache.
I am crazy.

Arrgghh! Someone touched my wallie!

Oh so sleepy!
I just woke up. I really should stop playing on the net til all hours. Not very cool waking up at midday and still feeling tired.

I am getting very sick of receiving e-mails through hotmail asking me if i'd like to enlarge my penis! If I had a doodle (particularly a small one) then I might be tempted. But I'm a chick and the only doodles I have are attached to someone else therefore I have no say in whether or not they should be enlarged. So all these e-mail are useless to me. I've been getting up to 20 a day!!! How suss is that?! So If you know anyone who needs bigger bits in their pants, refer them to me and i'll point them in the right direction! :o)

My birthday party is coming up and I told my friend Cobra Mike that he could bring some friends... uhoh!!! Then I remembered what happened last time he brought a friend to one of my parties! This friend, we'll call him Mr C to protect his identity, felt it appropriate to put his tongue in one girl's mouth, his hand down another girl's pants, and his hand up my skirt... And yes ladies, this charmer had a girlfriend at the time!!!! Maybe I should have thought twice before inviting Cobra Mike's friends... hmmmmm.

I need feeding.... off to hunt and gather!

Monday, February 07, 2005

We love you Conrad, Oh yes we do.

We love you Conrad, and we'll be true.
When you're not near us, we're blue.
Oh Conrad we love you.

That was especially for Miss RedFox because I know just how much she loves that song!

Miss RedFox and I have just come back from a wild weekend running a camp for 66 15year olds. Actually we got back last night at about 5:30, and I was asleep on the couch by 6:30. I slept for about 14 hours and I woke up this morning thinking that it was 4 in the afternoon. I also had no gross motor skills. Some how I managed to get trapped in the bathroom because I couldn't turn the doorknob and open the door! Yes, I am feeling a little bit spastic this morning.

As my brain is not functioning at the moment I shan't write any more drivel. I will come back later when my brain switches on and I am able to put a sentence together without my head hurting.

Bye bye Birdie....

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Down with my period of china-like censorship!

The "Where do we go from here" summit was a complete failure because I am a total pussy and could get my shit together long enough to initiate a discussion about the necessary topics. I am so useless! :oP

For those who feel that you are missing a piece of the puzzle, the reign of chinese censorsip has ended and it is now time to fill you in. A couple of weeks ago I bumped into a mates brother at a seminar and we got chatting. A few days later I went and partied the weekend away at their place and over the weekend we had a few "moments" together. Since then we have had another "moment" and several reasonably unsober conversations about what was going to happen and where we wanted to go with things, but nothing was actually resolved.

So today we met up for the "where do we go from here" summit, but due to the fact that I was chicken shit nothing got discussed or sorted. We had an extremely friendly and comfortable conversation but we both skirted the topic and it just never happened.

I now feel so unsatisfied.

shit shit fucking bum poo wee....


I still feel bad for telling my dad that diaphragm was a tupperware lid!

He he he... TV is so funny.

I found some old diaries of mine last night from when I was about 13 or so and I spent until the wee hours of this morning reading. I can't believe that it has taken me so many years to realise what a retarded child I was! I used to stick train tickets in my diary just for shits and giggles! And I used to go places with my parents looking for guys to perv on! (Ok some things never change.) Each entry has a list of how many cute guys were wherever I went on that day and every so often there is a full page long list of the guys that I liked. I was such a window licker!!!! How the hell did I get so cool? (Ha ha.)

Throughout these old diaries numerous pages are devoted to a young man who was a few grades ahead of me at highschool. For years I practically stalked this poor fellow, and then I couldn't understand why I got rejected! I was not only a window licker, but a bunny boiler too! I can't help but feel sorry for this poor guy. Imagine having to go to school everyday knowing that waiting for you at the front gate would be this funny looking child who would follow you around, mooning over you all day. I hereby swear that if I ever bump into the poor guy on the street I will apologise for my spastic behaviour. That is if he doesn't cross to the other side of the street to avoid me! :o)

I am trying to write this job application for a different youth worker job with the council (why I can't do an internal application is beyond me), and it feels like I am trying to force myself to do a uni assingment! So bad! I need a personal motivator! Does anyone know where I can get one?

Anywho... I will write more later once the "Chairman Mao" period of censorship has ended.

And to Miss RedFox: The "Where do we go from here" summit will be held this evening. I may be requiring a follow up crisis summit tomorrow. :o)