Friday, August 26, 2005

I was busting my pants to see you. And I love you.

Today's title line was taken from the poem "The Muffins Got Stuck Today" by Australia's own over-opinionated son, John Laws.

Jenny-Jenny from uni bought "The Calendar Book", a book of 1970's poetry by John Laws, from a flea market for 50 cents! While some may argue that it was 50 cents too much, we found it to be a total bargain considering the hilarity that ensued even as we read it! Even the remarkably self serving spiel about John on the inside of the dust jacket was totally hilarious and quite obviously written by the man himself. With works of literary genius (please don't fail to note my sarcasm) such as "Drops of Love" and "The Muffins Got Stuck Today", the book is definitely one for the "let's get shitfaced and pee our pants laughing pile". Now I'm gonna have to head out and scour the second hand bookshops to try and find myself a copy, just for shits and giggles. It was the total highlight of my day so far!!!

"The muffins got stuck today.
I never know the difference between a muffin and a crumpet.
But the muffins would have got stuck anyway.
And I love you.

I ripped my jeans today.
Rips add character anyway.
I was busting my pants to see you.
And I love you."

That's all I can remember from the poem, but when I get a copy of it I'll post it on here to share the laughs.


At 12:10 am, Blogger Chris Best said...

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At 12:35 am, Blogger Yaeli said...

You big self promoting tart!!! Hehehe.

At 2:09 am, Blogger Chris Best said...

hehe ok ok - sorry no more self promotions!

That Law(s) book sounds like a real hoot! Make sure you post us some more of the poem too.

I love looking through secondhand book shops and store.... always find some real bargains :-)

At 6:32 pm, Blogger Destiny Anne said...

hey. here via michele.

At 7:00 pm, Blogger -E said...

HAHAHAHA hilarious poem. Thanks for sharing it with us.

here via michele's


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