Thursday, June 30, 2005

WTA #28

Have you ever had an uncomfortable "shotgun" situation arise to which you have been unable to work out a solution? Never fear! The Shotgun Guide is here! Check out for the complete set of rules and regulations governing who gets to ride in the front seat! Yes, I am a total geek but it is just so damn cool!

Wasting Time Aid #27

Check out

Back when I used to "work" for a shithole small business who overworked and underpaid me, I found this website very useful on those days when you just can't be fucked doing work (which was any day ending in y really).

For some interesting terms and phrases check out This site includes some absoulute pearlers that I'd just love to try out in my workplace (e.g. Assmosis). Check out Brain Fart 'cos I believe that the definition given contradicts most people's usage of the word.

Word of the day:
Batmobiling - putting up emotional shields. Refers to the retracting armor that covers the Batmobile as in “she started talking marriage and he started batmobiling”

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

3 posts in 1 day? Wow!!!

I am so sick of fighting. I'm sick of having the same arguements over and over again. I feel like a broken record. I'm sick of accepting apologies only to see no change in behaviour and to find myself back at square one, having another fight about it. I'm sick of sniping and taking pot shots at each other, and I hate having any kind of relationship based upon that. I don't understand why we can't just make a concerted effort to be nice to each other and respect each other. One minute remarkably affectionate and the next minute sniping and picking fights. It's not healthy. And I refuse to be the only one to try and fix it.

I'm not a martyr. I'm not perfect. I give as good as I get. But I am getting so sick of the same shit, different day.


Have decided that part of the solution to my problem is to air my dirty laundry on my own blog instead of others... at least I know that expressing MY opinions on MY blog cannot be too wrong.

To the person in question (guess who everybody?!): I think I may have discovered the cause of your dysfunction with people... you "use people to get what you want and also look to these same people for emotional support", but what do you give them in return? Apart from apologies of course. I believe reciprocity has been discussed before.

Happy Birthday to my mum for yesterday!

Please remind me that I should never lift 25kgs of firewood on my own again... especially when I already have a reasonably serious pre-existing back condition. I think I have done a bit of damage this time... oops! Doesn't tickle either. Is it supposed to hurt when you walk?

And I need an answer to the age old question "What shall we do with the drunken sailor?" Except in this case the person in question is not a sailor and is only drunk every so often... Why do I attract reasonably intelligent, confident, fucked up people? Is it my perfume?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Karma's a bitch isn't it?

All hail the Karma gods!! I love the fact that they go to work so promptly!! They are the reason that bad thing happen to not so good people, and while I know that I am not immune to their powers, I take great comfort in the fact that they are out there exacting their abstract and random repayment. A broken car, a speeding ticket, a bad turn in fortune. All are the work of the Karma gods. I feel so satisfied! :oD

Monday, June 27, 2005

Holiday... Celebrate...

Exams are all over! (Thank god.) And now it's time for me to party down and live the lazy life that was intended for me!!! Woohoo!

I hate work, so I told them that I couldn't go in today because my downstairs had flooded with all the rain and I had to wait for a repair man. This now means that I can have lunch with Bear and spend my day being lazy and doing useless things, rather than wiping old people's dirty arses.

I have applied to do a 10 week volunteer program at the end of the year in Vanuatu (, and on Saturday I had to attend a selection day to show the evaluators what an appropriate candidate I am! After spending 8 or 9 hours in the rain, I did a "job style" interview and I got the impression that they quite liked me. So hopefully I'll be getting a phone call in the next week or so to say that they want me, and then I'll be asking everyone for money to raise the funds I need to cover a portion of the trip. (And yes, I am supposed to fundraise a certain amount of money, I'm not just being a tight arse.)
The sooner I get the nod, also means the sooner I will be able to take advantage of the big Kathmandu sale that's on at the moment. I'll be able to get my pack and stuff half price! I love a good bargain.

Decision of the week: I'm not going to deal with other people's shit. It just ain't my problem.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Yummy yummy Haribo!

I have Haribo!!! I am SO excited!!!
I first fell in love with Haribo sweets when I was staying in France and since then I have found it damn hard to come by them here in Oz. Usually I have to go to specialist sweet stores who import them from Germany, France or the UK, and they usually mark up the price and make them SO expensive... until now. Aldi (the German supermarket where cashiers get to sit on their bums while swiping your shopping and they don't put it in bags) is my new "most favourite" store because they stock huge party packs of Haribo sweeties and big bags of Haribo "Goldbaren" (gummybears), and they charge a reasonable price for them!!!! I am so excited!!! And ashamed... because the cashier looked at me funny when Bear and I went and bought 7 party packs and 3 bags of Goldbaren between us. I do believe that this is an addiction!

On a not so cheerful note, I had a totally crap day at work today. A second of my patients died (that's two in a week 'cos one died on the public holiday Monday) and a third, one very sweet lady who is one of my favourites, is on the way out. I don't think she'll last the week. It's so sad. And it makes me never want to get old. It all brings back bad feelings from when Nanna died, sad things that I thought that if I pretended they didn't exist then I wouldn't have to face them again. Doesn't make for a cheerful working environment really... maybe I should move on.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is 15 too many? Or not enough?

I'm still alive!!

Uni exams are underway and with one down, I now only have 3 more to go. One of which is tomorrow. Gee... I should probably do some study, maybe...

The urge to procrastinate becomes remarkably strong during exam times. So far I have cleaned my room (those who have seen my room will know that this is no mean feat), done 5 loads of washing (for 1 person mind you), put the dishwasher on 7 times since sunday (again, only one person using dishes and cutlery), cooked a large and respectable meal each night of the week, drunk countless cups of tea, and finally, smoked 3 packs of cigarettes. The things one does to avoid work!

Was in Chatswood today and discovered a new store that has opened in Chatswood Chase. It's the "Lovesac" store! And let me tell you, these lovesacs look so awesome!!! To see what I'm talking about check out! They are huge beanbag-y / couchy things and they look so comfy!! They range in size from 2ft to 8ft and they come with some awesome covers!!! I have decided that I just have to have one!!!!! Unfortunately, they are rather expensive... the 8ft one is $580, plus a cover. :o(

Donations to "Yaeli's Lovesac Appeal" will be greatly appreciated and can be deposited directly into my bank account. :o)

A new day, a new look!

Welcome to my re-vamped blog!

I had to do I bit of rearranging because my comments provider has now decided that I should pay them money to use their service, so I have now gone "old school" and am just using the somments service provided by blogger. This means that I won't have to pay money and I won't lose all my comments again in 6 months time. Yay! :oD

While I was playing with the comments I also decided to give a new template a go... not too sure about it though. Let me know what you think.

Cheers big ears!!