Friday, March 24, 2006

The circle of life...

Just an update for any interested parties...

I went to the police station today to make a statement about the accident on Saturday night (see previous post).

I found out yesterday that the young man died late yesterday afternoon after having been kept on life support for 5 days so that his brother could come back from Thailand and see him before he died.

I also found out that the young man's father is a colleague of my dad's. It's a small, small world.

I take comfort in the fact that, if nothing else, our actions on Saturday night at least kept the young man "alive" long enough for his brother to reach him to say goodbye. He could very easily have died there on the road.

To all of you who don't cross the road at the traffic lights and who walk around listening to walkman's, discman's and ipods... Please be careful. It only takes a seconds lapse in concentration for tragedy to occur.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Once again I made promises I couldn't keep...

Sorry I disappeared again guys.
This time it was due to technical problems.

My beautiful laptop started to pack it in the other week after I wrote my last post. After sending it off for an inspection it appears that the motherboard and circuitry is damaged and the damage is "consistent with water damage". Considering that for 3 out of the last 4 months my laptop has been sitting in its computer case in my mum's study and for the fourth month it hasn't been anywhere near water and has been constantly under my supervision, this news comes as a surprise. Thank goodness it's still under warranty!!

Over the past couple of weeks I have booked my return to Vanuatu (woohoo!!! Easter here I come!!!) and started back at uni and am trying desperately to score shifts at work (If anyone has some spare money sitting around please feel free to donate it to me!!!). I am very nearly destitute now.

Last night I saw a young man get hit by a car on an extremely busy road near where I live. My friends and I were first on the scene and attended to him until the ambulance arrived. He was in a critical condition with multiple fractures, severe head injuries and possible spinal injuries and internal bleeding. He was still alive when the ambulance came to get him but I'm still waiting for the police to update me on his condition. Today I am waiting for the crash investigator to contact me to take a full statement.

I promise that I will eventually get the rest of that Vanuatu letter up for you guys to read! (It's only taken me a month to do it!)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Where did I go???

Hello everyone!!! Sorry I disappeared!!!
The last week has been pretty much a blur due to illness and the fact that I'm a total slack arse. :o)

Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes! I had a lovely, although quiet, day and had lunch with my mum and Misses Aimee and Ali.

In the health stakes... I am finally starting to feel much much better. My IV antibiotics finished last Thursday, but I was taking oral antibiotics until Monday. As the tonsillitis cleared up my body began to react to the high doses of antibiotics and the stress of the big infection and I have ended up being put on home rest until next week because I am now at risk of developing chronic fatigue. Yay!!! On the plus side, I am feeling much much better today and I have more energy than I've had in the last fortnight. It is also 10:30 am and I haven't felt dizzy yet so that's another massive improvement! I'll be back in the swing of things in no time. :o)

Utenzi suspected that I may have returned to Vanuatu, unfortunately that's not the case. :o( However I am on the verge of booking flights so that I can return to see my sweet boy for a short time at Easter. If only uni holidays were longer. It looks like we'll only get about 9 days together depending on flights. I keep reminding myself that Easter is only 6 weeks away, but it feels like a hell of a long time. At least I'll have uni to distract me.

Later tonight or tomorrow I will post another episode of my Vanuatu letter. I have been such a slack arse with it, but hopefully I can get the final episodes posted over the weekend during Michele's Meet and Greet.

Off to watch cable TV and be a lazy arse. :o)