Friday, September 16, 2005

Never again!!!!

Ok, I keep saying it... but this time I totally, really, truely, 100% mean it.

That 2000 word essay on depression that I stayed home from uni to write yesterday didn't get underway until 10am today!!! It was due in at 5pm and by 4:55 (after sitting in the uni library for nearly 8 hours straight) I'd had enough and decided that 5 and a half pages looked long enough even if I was still 400 words short of the mark.
So I chucked a strop at the uni printer, grabbed my assignment and went and handed it in. Stuff it, it's only worth 30% anyway.

Mr Craig and I realised today that for the last 2 years we have both complained time and again about how slack we are doing our assignments at the eleventh hour (and sometimes long past that). We have both chastised and ridiculed our stupid habit of doing our assignments on the day they are due and then getting surprised that we get stressed about it! The funny thing is that we are both maintaining credit averages! Imagine what we could be getting if we actually planned and put some effort into the damn things!!! Crazy!!!

Going to Miss Aimee's tonight to eat thai, drink pink champagne and watch Grease 2. So sophisticated!


At 6:58 pm, Anonymous netchick said...

I could SO use some pink champagne right now!! I'm stuck dealing with yucky code for a web application that isn't working right. Fun. Not. And I didn't even procrastinate! Okay, maybe a little...

At 7:09 pm, Blogger utenzi said...

Except for the Grease 2 that sounds like a nice night, Yaeli. Maybe next time you won't procrastinate. LOL Yeah, right!

Michele sent me but I visit everyday anyway. Too bad you don't post everyday! :-p Cheers, Yaeli.

At 7:12 pm, Blogger Yaeli said...

My days are different to your days so I do post everyday, just not everyone of your days!!
Does that make sense?

At 10:56 pm, Blogger TC said...

I love Grease and Grease 2! Sounds like a wonderful evening to a tough day. My dh lives by the eleventh hour way of doing things!

At 3:09 am, Blogger Dlynne said...

Sent by Michelle - everytime I am start a new project I ALWAYS say that I will get it done early. It has happened, I still manage to hold out until the final hour. Have a good weekend...

At 3:29 am, Anonymous Jennifer said...

I have the same tendency, the waiting til the last minute bit. I use the rationale that I always perform better under pressure.

Total blather, but it gets me through.

Good luck!

And hello, Michele sent me...

At 4:16 am, Blogger Carmi said...

Don't knock yourself about the time management thing, Yaeli. As a journalist, I feel strongly that a tight deadline is often the only thing that forces me to rise to the occasion and crank out great prose.

If I left myself enough time to get it done, the result would likely be mediocre.

But that's just me.

BTW, I'm randomly dropping in from Michele's and saying hi to everyone. It's my way of making folks smile on a quiet weekend.

I hope you have a great Saturday!


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