Sunday, October 31, 2004

There is nothing that can't be fixed by cuddles and "Hello Pandas"!

Maybe I should tell that to the UN. It could become their new conflict resolution strategy... obviously the ones that they are using at the moment aren't working well enough!

Actually I haven't had any of my favourite little chocolate filled panda treats for a while, but just thinking about them after Bear's suggestion has certainly lifted my spirits! :oD

That and my sweet Wombat! He has been absolutely beautiful this weekend with lots of kisses and cuddles and I love you's. I love having cuddles and especially with someone who is so warm and cuddly. :oD I have been very lucky to find such a sweet boy and to keep him around for a whole month!!! Now THAT is an achievement!

Still feeling a bit fragile at the moment, but I'm sure the feeling will pass eventually, especially with so many beautiful people giving me loving!

Anywho... off to bed for now 'cos I have to be at the hospital at 7am in order to share the loving feeling around (and complete the final week of my prac)! I just can't wait 'til this is all over.

Big hugs and kisses to everyone today!

Building a bridge and getting over it...

"Why do you have to be so unkind,
Why do I have to be so inclined,
To lose my mind,
When I've got plenty of time.

Time to figure it out.
Time to think about you and me,
Whatever that was all about.
I've got nothing to prove.
I've got nothing to say.
Well, I guess I never thought you were good for me anyway.

I've got nothing to lose.
Nothing but you."

(Nothing but you - Kim Ferron)

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The best time to move out of home is when your parents don't love you anymore...

Thanks Merrick!

I found out yesterday that my boyfriend's parents have read my blog! I haven't even met these poor people yet!! Imagine the impression they must have of me!!! Despite that I'd like to say a big "Hi!" to Mr and Mrs M-, and thank you for reading my blog! I look forward to meeting you one day! :o)

By the way... anyone that reads my blog regularly and doesn't leave me a comment (Redfox, I'm talking to you!) is in my bad books today! I look so unpopular with no comments left for me! So everyone who reads this, be ye friend or foe, please click on the little comment box when you visit and leave me a little note to make me feel loved! (That includes you Mr and Mrs M-!)

And today I need lots of loving. I have had a complete shitter of a day today. One of my "best friends" has told me to go fuck myself and uninvited me from her wedding celebrations. Today she starts spouting some crap about me disliking her fiance and not supporting her marriage and me not understanding that her priorities have changed now that she is engaged.

All of this was news to me! She appears to have pulled it out of her arse. I have always adored her fiance. He is a lovely man who has brought happiness to the life of a young woman who, for many years, has experience much more pain than pleasure. I have always, and will always like him for that. As for getting married, I would never stand in the way of her happiness. It is obvious to me that this man is what makes her happy, so what else can I be but happy for her?! I know that her priorities have changed now. They have been changed ever since she met her fiance. I haven't pushed to try and take up her time, in fact I have hardly seen her in the last 3 months! But when she cancelled on me at the last minute the other week, after I had cancelled a shift at work to travel to Cronulla to see her, with no apology, I said something about it. Obviously it's ok for her to treat me however she wants, while for me to stand up for myself appears to be well out of line.

This is a girl who is more like my sister than my sisters are. A girl for whom I would drag myself over broken glass. I can't count the number of times over the years that we have cried on each others shoulders, helped each other pick up the pieces, planned revenge on ex's, bummed out infront of videos, got drunk, tucked each other into bed and looked after each other when we were sick. And obviously it all means nothing to her. She is now pretending that she doesn't know who I am.

Over the years I have seen her give this treatment to other people... I just never thought that I would be on the receiving end of it....

It breaks my heart.

"When you feel that nobody loves you, nobody cares for you and everyone is ignoring you,
you should start asking yourself...
am I a c***?"

I've thought about this a fair bit today... and honestly, this time, I don't think it's me.

Does anyone want to runaway with me? It's all just too much today...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


My sincerest condolences to Mikey. I am so sorry to hear that the cobra deal fell through! But once plan "B" gets under way we will have another cobra day to celebrate that instead!

Cranky Pants and Grumble Bum

I sooooo got out on the wrong side of the bed today! And it's no wonder why really! At 6am Dad comes rushing into my room, banging around and waking me and then says "I need your help. I was just typing a really important e-mail and now it's gone! I pushed something and it's gone!!!" So sleeping Yaeli very patiently asks "Did you push the send button Dad? Cos that would make it disappear..." I was told not to be stupid and dragged out of bed to examine Dad's computer at 6:02am. Not happy Jan!

Those of you that have read my previous postings will understand the irony of the situation... Me being asked to fix a technological problem??!! What a joke!

Anywho... Sleepy, and now cranky, Yaeli trots out to the computer and solves the major, life threatening drama in 0.2 seconds flat. It turns out that clever Daddy has minimised the e-mail window... hence the e-mail has disappeared! I cannot believe that he got me out of bed for that!!!

In my rush to leap out of bed and solve the world's technological problems before 7am I have twisted my back and am in quite a reasonable amount of pain. Add to that nausea from the high level of antibiotics that I have been prescribed for quite a severe eye infection (ewwww, gross, I know)and a significant lack of sleep, I think it is quite reasonable that I am a cranky pants today!

I wasn't too happy last night either after stoopid Vodafone had me on hold for 45 minutes. You would think that by now, technological advancements would mean that one can at least be entertained whilst giving themselves brain cancer! At least I kept swapping ears so that my brain tumour will grow evenly on both sides! Then, when I finally get through to an operator (who was rude) I get put on hold again just so that she can go and find out if the problem that was supposed to be fixed last Wednesday has been fixed. Turns out, it hasn't! So I am told that the problem has been assigned to the technicians and it will take up to 72 hours to fix it. I will be notified of the correction via sms. Which is EXACTLY what I was told last Wednesday!!! Such a grumble bum after that! Very not happy Jan!

I'm off to wag uni and nurse my injuries today.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Batman!... I mean Leader!

Well it's all happening this end of town! NOT!
I've been a bit of a boring Betty this week. Though I did go and buy myself a new mobile the other day. It's a GX15 which sounds more like a car than a mobile phone! It's apparently the Sharp equivalent of the Nokia 6610. The only problem is that I am still trying to work out how to drive it! Once again, technology may get the better of me!

Every thing is going great with my Wombat. We are still in that pathetic stage where we want to see each other everyday, no matter for how long. I will admit to not going to uni on Monday cos I couldn't be arsed, but then 5 hours later I went out in the pouring rain to catch a train to meet the boy after work and catch the train back with him... it's sad really... but these are the sacrifices that we make for the lovely people in our lives!

Anywho... Boring Betty can't think of anything else to say today!

Good morning! And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Cobra Day!

Today is Cobra Day! The day that Mikey's dad organises to buy their Cobra! (BTW It's a "broom, broom" cobra not a "hiss, hiss" one.) We are celebrating this honourable day on Mikey's behalf, and seeing as I have agreed to join in the celebrations I have been given the "Cobra Name" Cobrina to use for the day!
Are we crazy?


I found the love...

@ the BEP concert! It was absolutely fucking awesome! Almost as good as sex (actually better than some that I've had)! Spent the night in the mosh pit with young Aaron (Rebekah's 17 year old cousin. Rebekah being Damo's friend.) and went absolutely nuts!!!! It was his first concert, so I got to break in the gig virgin!!! WOOHOO!!! A night in the mosh at a Black Eyed Peas gig is just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on!
Aaron and I quickly played getting to know you earlier in the evening when we went on a "wee run" at Fox Studios and had trouble finding the toilets. Eventually we went into the parents room and used the little kids sized loos with the hand basins that are mounted on the wall at about my knee height. It was certainly an experience! And one of the highlights of my evening!

I now have no voice at all and my cough is worse than it has been (I have no idea where this cough came from by the way). But it was so worth it! I was so tempted to buy tix to tomorrow night's show too, but the bank account didn't like the sound of that. I am Red Bulled up to the eye balls and am now going to go and lie in bed and try to settle down in an attempt to get a decent night's sleep.

Destructo dogs are inside and hopefully didn't damage anything else while I was out tonight. Dunno if Sister 2 came to feed and walk them this afternoon as she was supposed to. Probably not though.

Spacing out now...

Let's get retarded.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hey mama this that shit that make you move...

So excited! It's gonna go off!!!!!
I'm off to shake my ass!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Stripper Name...

Called in sick to work today and I'm a bit bored now so I thought I'd put this up for people to play with.

Your Stripper Name is: Mystique

Get your own Stripper Name

I get to see my Wombat tonight!!! Yay!!! Lots of cuddles and snuggles to make me feel better!
Only 5 hours to go!!!

You know you really like someone when you count down the hours, minutes and seconds till you are going to see them...
I love my boy.

Dogs are fuckers...

I have just come home from work (please note that it is almost 11:30pm AEST) to find that the fucktard dog has moved the barrier that Electrician brother put up after fixing the air-con earlier today, and had another go at the electrical wires. I have also found that of all the washing on the line he has decided that the best thing to rip off and eat is my good bra (which retails at more than $50). This dog is a fucker and I am never looking after him and his friend again! If they aren't careful i will sell them to the chinese restaurant up the road to make combination dalmation or satay sharpei out of them. Mum will be very lucky to come home and find the bastards alive!

I am SO pissed off!!!!!!

And I am sick. I don't think chest pains and kidney pains are signs of good health.

Friday, October 15, 2004


Well today we have the return of the destructo dogs and an introduction to Mr Complicated and his screwed up ways!

Destructo dogs:
Once again the Black Death and his friend have gone nuts in the backyard and fucked things up... only this time they have done damage worthy of calling an electrician! I left home at 6am yesterday to go to the hospital and I fed the dogs and gave them some things to play with while I was gone. Then at 9:30 yesterday morning a message was left on my phone by the dog walking lady telling me that the dogs had been biting on the air-condititoning electrical wiring! By the time I got home last night the wires had been chewed through and the insulation around the copper piping had been started on! Little Bastards! The Electrician brother has been called and he will come over today to try and fix it. (I love having useful siblings.) But In the mean time I have to keep the dogs inside all day with no air-con! Just lovely really!

Meet Mr Complicated:
I was bored the other night and decided that for shits and giggles I would have a browse through the archives on an ex-fuck's "blog". While browsing the archives I found an entry from May that mentioned me... not by name of course. The entry was about ex's and apparently we are complicated! This struck me as ironic seeing as this guy is one of the most complicated people I have ever met! Let's just call him Mr Complicated. I was also in awe of the amazing comments that were posted in response to his entry, particularly the ones from "The Girl I Remind You Of" (Hereby to be referred to as TGIRYO). I find it absoulutely amazing that a person that I have never met can, with such conviction, call me a "stupid stupid girl" and comment that I am "SO SO weird". Apart from the poor grammar, what pisses me off most about these statements is that they are misguided judgements upon a person that she has never met and that they are based purely on hearsay. Given the judgements that she has passed upon me unfairly, I would be quite right to call her a stupid, stupid girl! Dumb bitch.
As for Mr Complicated, despite his claims to have so much respect for me, etc... he doesn't exactly leap to my defence! He talks about hating people who are two faced, but he is the one that was two faced. In fact Mr C, maybe Janus would have been a better name for you! You didn't seem to have a problem with my character when you were asking me to come over and sleep with you! I have told you before, and I will say it again: It's all very well and good to claim that everyone else is too complicated, but have you ever stopped to think that other people might think the same thing about you? Does your dislike of the complicated stem from the fact that it is something that you hate about yourself?

"There should be a law about people who have previously been in relationships and the ability to place that person in a freeze lock. So you don't have to see them for a while." I couldn't have said it better myself Mr Complicated.

"Sort this out on your own time" (New Found Glory - Something I Call Personality)

At least there are some nice boys out there in the world! Like my Wombat!

Need brekky... off to eat now!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Feelin' hot hot hot...

Oooh wow it was a hot one today!

I told my boss that it was so hot that my breast implants had melted and my nose was running off my face... not that I've had plastic surgery or anything... ;o)

I had lunch today with The Boy and some of his mates from work. He wanted me to meet his friends so 5 mates from work came out for lunch with us! Really nice people but it was all a bit intimidating for me really. Usually I'm the one throwing them in the deep end (poor Aaron at El's farewell springs to mind), but this time the tables were turned and I got a taste of my own medicine. It was a little bit much... Maybe if it hadn't been all of them at once it would have been ok, or if the setting had been different, like drinks after work or something, but as it was I was a little bit uptight about it. If that's what meeting the friends was like I'm not sure that I want to meet the parents!

But The Boy is beautiful and very much worth these uncomfortable moments... this week anyway!

It's funny but I really get the feeling that he is someone that I could be with for a long time... It's all very natural and lovely and beautiful and I feel like I have known him for ages.

This is such a strange feeling for me! I'm not used to keeping them for more than a few weeks!


"Kiss my arse, Kiss my arse goodbye". (The Darkness - Stuck in a Rut)
I'm off to bed now!

So Stinky Hot!!!

It is so gross and hot and sweaty and disgusting today... and tomorrow will be more of the same apparently and yesterday was just a lead up to this!!!

I woke up at about 4:30 this morning and couldn't sleep so I put on the telly and was watching American news (and my God they'll do ANYTHING for a news story over there!!!). And when they show the weather they inserted the weather chart for Australia. Do you have any idea how depressing it is to see that our temperature in the coastal city of Sydney will be higher than the temp in Darwin?! Only one other major city will have higher temps than little Sydney and that's Alice Spings out in Whoop Whoop. Their temp was predicted to be 38 degrees... only one degree higher than Sydney's predicted 37 degrees, and in Sydney's west it will probably hit 38 anyway cos it always gets hotter out there! So gross!!!

The weather people are stuffed.

Monday, October 11, 2004

I am not an animal! I am a human being!

Quote of the Day: Todays quote comes courtesy of a kid at the youth centre that I work at.
"You know how sometimes I pretend that I don't like you? I'm not pretending."
Kids say the darndest things...

I am boring today. I have nothing else to say.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Another election over and another term with John Howard. Fuckin' Fantastic! (Insert sarcasm here.)
I am sure I am not the only one who feels like throwing things at the telly when he comes on.
My other whinge about the elections is the fact that the ballot paper that they give you is 3 foot long and the booth that they send you to vote in is only 1.5 foot wide. Is it just me or is that stoopid? I would be really interested to find out how many people went to the trouble of numbering EVERY box below the line in order of preference... that's 50 odd boxes to number! And if you do that then how do you decide whether to put the Legalise Marijuana candidates ahead of the Fishing Party candidates or the Lower Excise on Fuel & Beer candidates? And where does Fred Nile and his homophobic party really sit in the scheme of things? It's a fucked up world out there but let me tell you one thing, the marijuana people could probably teach both the Liberal and Labor leaders a thing or two about how to treat their population.

Being a student AND a nurse I have been doubly screwed by John Howard and now it's going to happen for another 3 years! It most truely does suck dogs balls! But on the plus side, I'm going to see if I can make back some of the money that Johnny fucks me for by taking bets on just how long it takes before he makes yet another royal fuck up! To place your bets call me.

Really, the least we could have done is give Labor the opportunity to see how well they can fuck things up! This is the "lucky country" after all and everyone deserves a chance!

Off to throw things at the telly now!
What a wank!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm in love!!!! No, wait! It's a stroke.

No it's love!!!!

I got this e-mail today from Red Fox and I thought I'd post it cos I found it SO funny!!!! I always have time for a spot of man bashing! It is my god given right as a woman!

An interesting piece of research............

A recent study found that the kind of male face that a woman is attracted to can vary considerably depending upon where she is in her menstrual cycle. It seems that if a woman is ovulating then she is more attracted to a man with rugged and masculine features. However, if she is menstruating, she is more inclined to be drawn to a man who is doused in petrol and set on fire, with scissors embedded deep in his temple and a cricket stump shoved up his arse.

Go Figure!!

Thanks Red Fox! It brightened my day!

Today is the first day since Saturday that I haven't seen my snuggly wombat... and I miss him. :o(

I'm kinda pathetic aren't I?!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

One more thing...

God chocolate coated oranges are fantastic!!!!
Not a healthy meal but damn tasty!!!

Smitten Kitten

What do you do when your head says that things are moving too fast, but your gut feeling is that everything is just perfect?
The new boy is just beautiful! He took me to the movies yesterday evening and we watched Wimbledon and he held my hand the whole way through the movie!!! He's just soooo lovely and cuddly...

And this morning he told me that he loves me... Too fast? I dunno...

I don't usually jump into things feet first like this, but what the hell!!! I deserve someone who looks at me like I am the best thing he has ever seen and treats me like a princess, so why not go for it? You only live once!

What a smitten kitten I am!

Monday, October 04, 2004

If only there were more public holidays... What a life it would be!

What a weekend it has been!

I am now safely ensconced in my mothers study at the computer while she is away in NZ with her husband. I have been given the role of chief dogsitter and so am looking after mum's 2 labradors until she gets back. The dogs are very beautiful and oh so sweet, but in the time since mum left at 5am yesterday morning, they have ripped up the mat in their kennel, somehow managed to get a towel (which was destroyed) and a tarpaulin (which wasn't) out of the locked garage, empty 2 pots of Osmocote onto the garden, trampled some flowers, shit on the footpath, un-potted 2 plants and knocked over their big ceramic pots, and finally, pulled a big box of potted flower seeds which had been left to germinate off the back table and dragged it across the lawn. It seems that our dogs have confused guarding with gardening. If this continues for the next 3 weeks I will go nuts.

Saturday night was most certainly an interesting one. I dragged a few people to Aaron's Scissors, Paper, Rock championship in Chippendale, and once we got a few beers into us, it turned into a pretty good night, although I'm sure that the grudge match between me and Aaron was rigged from the very outset.

DISCUSSION TOPIC OF THE WEEK: On Saturday night I managed to have a heated discussion with a science teacher about the health issues regarding the eating of kidney. I am of the opinion that eating kidney is gross because it filters your system of all impurities and therefore eating kidney would be on par with eating the filter out of a cigarette, or the filter out of a coffee percolator. It is unhealthy and gross. But this guy seemed to think that despite the fact that kidney's filter all sorts of gross stuff out of the body, they are sterile and therefore one can eat them with no ill effect at all. They don't become sterile until they have been cooked good and proper and even then that only kills any bacteria. I'm sure uric acid tastes fantastic but it's unhealthy and gross and I am dead against it.

Has anyone ever said something so sweet that it nearly makes you cry? (Yes, I know I am a complete sucker for sweetness.) I have met this very sweet guy who tells me that I am gorgeous and a princess and he's just so lovely. Last night when I was at work he sent me this little message that said "i miss you :(". So cute!!! Maybe things will go well with this one... stay tuned to this station for future updates!


Friday, October 01, 2004

Washing, washing, washing!

I can't work out where all this washing has come from!! Admittedly in the last week it has seemed like the Mad Hatters Tea Party at my place, but with clothes instead of tea sets. Rather than doing my washing I have just bought new clothes... not specifically for that reason but it was kinda coincidental. But I am sure that, regardless of that, I could not have worn so many items in the past week!

Don't you hate it when other people eat your food and use your stuff without asking? Part of the reason I moved out of my old place was that my housemate's girlfriend would eat my cheese and use my butter without asking. And not just in small amouts either!!! I did some shopping on a Friday and then went away until Sunday and I got home to find that she had eaten a 3 quarters of a block of cheese!!! I know it wasn't my housemate cos he was lactose intolerant. Anyway, I got up this morning (actually this afternoon)I was hanging out for a glass of Coke and a bagel with cottage cheese. We can discuss the healthiness of my diet at a later stage. My younger brother has been down for a week from QLD for uni holidays and has been eating his way through the food in the fridge, most of which is Dad's. When I opened the fridge this morning 2 of my bagels had been eaten, the cottage cheese which I had opened yesterday had only 3 teaspoons worth of CC left in the container, and my bottle of Coke had been put back in it's place with what would equate with a mouthful of Coke left in it!!!
If there is one thing that shits me more than people eating my food, it's people eating my food and leaving a tiny bit left and putting it back in the fridge! HOW RUDE!!!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Today's quote comes from the movie "The Truth About Cats & Dogs".
Noelle: What's wrong Abby?
Abby: Nothing that a rooftop and an AK47 won't fix.

Hmmmm. An AK47 would have been handy this morning...


It's raining. It's pouring...

It's a cold, wet, windy and boring day.
Then again I have missed half the day seeing as I only got up about an hour and a half ago!
To combat my boredom (and potentially, yours) I have borrowed an idea from friend of mine (Thanks Aaron) and sat down and made a quiz for you to do about my boring life!! See how well you know me (or how little you don't), and find out a few incriminating facts for you to drop the next time you see me out and trying to pick up! Check it out!

The Truth About Yaeli

Take my Quiz on!

I could only put in 10 questions so maybe in a few weeks there could be a follow up quiz.

Anywho... it's washing day today and I still haven't done any... Better at least put one load on, particularly if I am planning on wearing my uniform to work tomorrow.
By the way, anyone who knows where I can buy cheap gumboots please let me know. It'd be nice if they are coloured too instead of being boring black.