Sunday, July 31, 2005


I start my new job tonight! Yay for me!!! I have a 10 hour night shift at RNSH, starting at 9:30 tonight and finishing at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I'll be home and in bed by 8am and then back off to work to start an afternoon shift at 3:15 tomorrow arvo. Busy bee me.

Then back to uni on Tuesday! Can't wait to see people that I've missed! I've missed my uni peeps lots!

Will be so overtired and overstimulated this week...

"If you have any poo, fling it now."

Monday, July 25, 2005

Whatever happened to Freddie Prinze Jr?

I was thinking about this just the other day. It seems he married Sarah Michelle Gellar and then disappeared of the face of the earth.
That's my random thought for the day.

I slept poorly again last night, despite taking two valerian forte to try and counteract my sleeplessness. Still can't work out what the cause of my restless nights is. I'm currently looking into the suggested theory that it may be due to either subliminal stress or subliminal guilt. Am quickly running out of other reasons.

I discovered today that my favourite show, Mythbusters, is available on DVD!!! Woohoo!!! For those who are uneducated in the world of Mythbusters, the basic concept is that these two guys, Adam and Jamie, go about trying to bust "myths" ranging from urban legends, to movie stunts, to historical stories. It has been described as "Jackass meets Mr Science". Once they built this awesome "chicken gun" to shoot frozen and thawed chickens at 160 miles per hour into the windscreen of an airplane. Another time they made a tree cannon (literally a cannon made out of a tree) and tried to blow it up... they ended up using 5 pounds of gunpowder and blew the thing to splinters. And tonight they have sealed up a crapped out plane, are pressurising it to 8 psi, and then they are shooting holes in it with guns to explore the concept of explosive de-pressurisation. So awesome!!! I wish I had a job where I got to blow shit up!!!! I have previously mentioned my love for Animal Face Off (where computer generated animals fight each other to the death) but, I can with most certainty say that Mythbusters out rocks Animal Face Off anyday!!!

P.S. Woohoo for me!!! I have just worked out how to put links into my posts! No, I'm not slow on the uptake... Just technologically illiterate. :o)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

"The time has come", the Walrus said, "to talk of other things."

Speaking of trips... I had the freakiest dream last night!!!
I dreamed that one of my ex's had decided that he was going to marry a pregnant girl who he had only known for 3 weeks, and he had invited me to the wedding (which I don't think I was happy about). When I got on the bus to go to the wedding, he was sitting there telling me how nothing anyone said would change his mind about marrying this girl and I was getting more and more distressed. Then I realised that I had left my handbag with my wallet and everything in it at home and that I would miss the only train (?) if I went back to get it.
I woke up at 5:45 this morning very distressed and crying and I have spent much of the day trying to shake an odd panicked feeling that has been following me. Maybe the alcohol overload of the past week has addled my brain, or maybe the cause is something more subliminal. Who knows?!

I was watching Supersize me again yesterday. I'd forgotten just how funny the bit is where Morgan Spurlock's vegan girlfriend compares ham to heroin. It cracks me up everytime!!!

Time for me to go to work and work my second last shift at the shithole nursing home. I', nearly finished!!! Woohoo!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Reproduction, reproduction. Baby give it to me now.

I am officially in detox mode. Have spent the last week having an awesome time up the coast with some of the worlds most rocking chicks (and one or two who just don't quite make the cut) and once again have consumed enough alcohol to cause damage to a small horse!
Lazy days, sitting on my arse, sunning myself by the lake, reading my book and watching the pelicans soar by. Couldn't have asked for a more relaxing time really.

A warning to any young ladies visiting Lake Macquarie: Apparently saying a passing hello can be taken by local men to mean "Stop by my place later with your esky of beer and harass me and my friends". Damn funny though.

Have come to the exciting conclusion that it might be worth my while to delete certain phone numbers and contacts from my records. And the even more exciting thing is that I have actually done it! I think this is a healthier option for the long run. Can't get blood out of a stone and it's probably pretty stupid to try.

I passed all my uni exams and scored 3 credits and a pass for the semester!!! So I am well pleased with myself at the mo. Credit average here I come!!! It's noice.
And Monday will be my final shift at the crappy nursing home with "Armpit" and his shithead girlfriend and all the other arseholes who can stick their shitty jobs! And then I start my new job as soon as possible!!! Everything is getting exciting now!

Am going for a meeting with my new boss on Monday to discuss the company sponsoring my trip to Vanuatu at the end of the year. So it appears that everything is coming up roses!
Woohoo for me!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The fluke is the duke of soul.

I am running away for a week. Heading up the coast with some mates from uni. Time for some unadulterated laziness, boozing and bitching. Should be great!!! Just what I need.
Bought my Harry Potter today! Yay!!! So I will have something to read, but otherwise I expect my week to consist only of sloth-like activities. Woohoo!!!

I have also rekindled my romance with The Little Mermaid thanks to one of the girls from uni. I was watching it at her place and am still singing "Under the sea". I think I'll be singing it all night.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Paging Doctor Freud...

After a month of relative bliss, here is the situation as it currently stands:

  • I am having issues with my mysogynistic, unsupportive, unappreciative and suddenly present father.
  • I am trying to explain, to my younger brother, the concept of inequality, and the reality that not everyone can live in another state, on someone else's money, be given a unit to live in and not have to have a job.
  • I have anger issues and apparently remind my mother of herself at the same age, which means I now have two failed marriages (one of which being a seriously abusive relationship) to look forward to before I become an uptight, post-menopausal control freak.
  • I am screwing around with a man who doesn't like me. (Hmm, Freudian reflection of my father maybe?)
  • And I have found myself enslaved by my grandmother's manipulative guilt trips and mind games. (The old girl is still as cunning as a fox.) Obviously, because I am the only grandchild with the double X chromosome, it is my duty to serve one and all who enter the family circle.

Geez!!! No wonder I'm angry!!

Must find a way to get around all this...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Animal instincts & Bites of a human variety.

Does anyone know which animal it is that bites it's partner on the back of the neck during sex? I think it's lions... but I can't really remember. I'm sure National Geographic told me once...

Everything is falling into place. My step-dad's friend is the managing director of a nursing agency who are looking for assistants in nursing at the moment, and he has offered me a job. This means that I am now sitting writing my letter of resignation to the arsehole nursing home that I currently work at, where the patients are sweet (mostly) but the staff are arseholes, the facility is crap, the management doesn't look after the staff and timesheets and payslips go missing left right and centre. WOOHOO for me!!! The agency will give me better and more acute care experience which is great in terms of my studies and all, and they will pay me more money, upwards of $17 per hour (which is heaps better than my current base rate of $13.50 an hour).

And, the best thing of all, the agency is looking at sponsoring my volunteer trip to Vanuatu at the end of the year! How awesome is that??!! And I didn't even have to ask!!! They just offered!!!

My world is rockin' right now!!!

Anywho... Need to finish writing that letter of resignation.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

What's your damage Heather?

Congratulations to Mr Mikey! The Cobra has finally been received and he has commenced work on his "love". Happy Cobra day to you tiger!

Another spot of navel gazing:
I was told the other day that I am strange. Yes, I most certainly am, but what most people don't know is that there are reasons for it. After a brief chat with Mr Mikey I have come to the conclusion that being strange is neither bad nor good... it just is. But the reasons for it go deeper than anyone would ever think. Being strange is a great way to hide damage. If you take the focus off the damage by being strange no one notices just how damaged you are. It works just the same way as going out in a great top that shows off you awesome cleavage in order to take the focus off your fat ugly arse. It's better to be thought of as strange than damaged, believe me! I am pretty damaged... as a result of my own actions and the actions of others. I am cynical and skeptical because I have to be, and my guards go up to prevent further hurt. I play games and like power because it stop me from getting hurt. But life is all about reciprocity and sharing, and usually the only way to build anything with anyone is by letting your guard down and sharing certain things.

Anywho... Off into the Cross again tonight for Miss Bear's birthday celebrations! This is becoming a habit. Let's see where the evening takes me!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

So much for "what a wonderful world".

People can be such bastards! It all makes me want to cry. Once again the little people are left feeling helpless. We are all just pawns in a big political game of chess. Nobody should be so expendable.

My heart goes out to all those people affected by the tragedy in London. My friends who are over there, you are in my thoughts. I hope that you and your loved ones are ok.

No one deserves to live in fear.

I can't help but wonder if we are next on the list.

Waving at sailors.

I had quite an interesting day yesterday! Intersting and successful! Firstly I went shopping and have made the decision to go for quality when buying my requirements for overseas. So for this reason I have now decided to do my shopping at Mountain Designs rather than Kathmandu (despite the 50% off sale). The other reasons for this are that Mountain Designs offer better warrantees on their gear, their service was better (I stood in Kathmandu for 20 minutes playing with packs and no one offered to assist me, as opposed to the Mountain Designs guy offering assistance as soon as I walked in the door), and the guy working at Mountain Designs was trying to pick me up! :o) Nice guy too! Will have to have a word to my friend who works there... suss out the situation.

Then I went out last night with Miss Sare to wave at the sailors. We ended up at The Bourbon in the Cross where the place was packed from wall to wall with US servicemen out for one last hurrah before reboarding the boat. But despite this there was very little talent. Did meet a couple of interesting local boys though...
Another one bites the dust!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

You screw this up and you'll be flying a cargo plane of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!

I have officially been accepted into the program that I wanted to go on. Vanuatu here I come! 10 weeks of awesome volunteer projects and cool people. Rock On!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Fleet Week! Woohoo! The seamen are in town! ;o)

So tempted to go out tonight and hunt down a few American sailors who have just arrived in town. Could be kinda fun really!

Have spent my weekend doing a bit of navel gazing (and recovering from drinking enough alcohol to cause damage to a small horse on Friday night). And have come to a conclusion about what qualities I'd like in a man. My ideal man (for this week) needs to be resonably intelligent, confident, attractive, good in bed, and he needs to challenge me and not put up with the shit that I try to put over lesser men. So far I have only met one man who meets this set of criteria, and he and I just can't get our shit together and be nice to one another. With a list like this, what wierd and wonderful relationships will I be getting myself into?!

Seamen here I come! Let's see if I can hit 20!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Great! Maverick and Goose.

Could my night get any better? I have finally managed to shake my hangover, I watched the final MASH movie AND the 30th reunion special, I am having great chinese food (home delivery of course) and now Top Gun is on the telly. What an awesome night! Now all I need is to get laid and that'll cap it all off nicely!

Woohoo for Top Gun!!! I'm on the highway to the danger zone.

"Son, your ego is writing cheques your body can't cash."

Once again, meesa pissded.

Oohhh... lovely night with lovely uni friends, apart from the mature aged student with poor personal hygiene who kept grabbing my arse... and not in a nice way... me is so drinkded. But I out partied everyone! I still rock. So drunk.