Friday, November 26, 2004

I'm too bummed to think of a title for this post.

I need to find a new place to live. I am going absolutely nuts here! It's great that I get to live with Dad rent free and all but he drives me up the wall! The radio gets left on at full volume when he leaves so that you can hear it up the other end of the house (and it's a big house), he comes in at ungodly hours of the morning while I am sleeping and tries to have conversations with me... not just one morning a week, but EVERY morning! I don't feel like I have my own space here and it's driving me completely mad! I don't know that I can keep living with a man who places conditions upon everything.

And I need to indulge my nesting instinct which lately has been telling me to buy homewares with gay abandon. I want plates and cutlery and cups and saucers and rugs and cushions and blankets and sheets and prints and furniture! I want a space that is mine to decorate and make cosy for me. And that's not something that I'm getting here.

So I have decided that I'm going to dedicate this summer to building up the bank account again so that I can move out again next year.

Then hopefully I won't go crazy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Calculating Llama Expectoration Trajectory

It is quite apparent that I get attention when I throw tantrums. Therefore I promise to throw them more often! :oD

During the course of my study time I was playing SimCity4 (which is a board approved study tool for all nursing students, I promise!), and while my game was loading I noticed that they put funny random things up on the screen like the Llama Expectoration thing. It makes waiting for your game to load a reasonably entertaining experience.

Condolences to Bear. Her beloved Sim dropped dead in the middle of the road yesterday morning after returning home from work. Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

Off to work...
Speaking of which, work has fucked up my pay and I won't be getting paid till next week now. So if there is anyone out there in the big, wide world who owes me money, pay up slack arses 'cos I'm poor.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Think I'll go eat some worms...

Because it is obvious from the lack of comments on my blog that nobody loves me!!!!
That's fine! I'll live with your rejection... but I won't like it!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

The first purpose of alcohol is to make English your second language...

Seeing as what happens on tour stays on tour, I won't talk too much about my whirlwind trip to Melbourne. But I will say that I had great time, got very drunk, made a fantastic and coherent 21st speech, and spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen. I will also say that Llama Face needs a new futon (the one she currently has is remarkably painful to sleep on). I will be very glad to get into my own bed tonight!

I was sent the following self quiz thing by my complicated friend, and seeing as I can't be arsed sending it on to people only to have them abuse me for clogging up their inboxes with crap, I have decided to post it on here.

1. What time is it? 11:04pm.
2. What is your name? Yaeli.
3. Any nicknames? Demon Llama, Llama, Jew... and others that are in rather poor taste.
Question 4 ran away.
5. Number of candles on your last birthday cake? I think I actually had only 2 candles on my last cake... at my 21st birthday party.
6. Date that you regularly blow them out ? 22nd February
7. Pets? I kill fish and my dog died a few months ago... I'm thinking of getting a cactus and calling it Rolph.
8. What is your favourite drink? hmmm what a choice... for consistent favourite i'd have to be a brand whore and go for Coke.
9 (a) Tattoos? One on my back... more on the way.
(b) Body piercing? I have three in my ears, and two elsewhere...
10. How much do you love your job-scale of 1 to 10? I have two jobs. My council job definately scores high, say a 9.5, 'cos I get paid $20 an hour to sit on my arse, read a book, watch TV and play pool. At my nursing home job I get underpaid to wipe people's arses... so how do you think it rates?
11. Birthplace? Paddington Women's Hospital.
12. Favourite vacation spot? Somewhere quiet and relaxing where i can sleep all day and get a tan.
13. Ever been to Africa? Nups for me!
14. Stolen any traffic signs? I do have a recollection of me, Louie and El doing a stealth run after seeing Coyote Ugly at the movies and pinching one Fairyland Avenue sign.
15. Ever been in a car accident? Yep.
16. Croutons or Bacon bits? Bacon bits are kinda gross, so croutons.
17. 2 Door or 4 Door car? Any car that goes broom, broom... but, obviously, the more room the better! ;o)
18. Salad Dressing? At the moment I am quite into just a bit of lemon juice on my salad.
19. Favourite Pie: Shakespeares Chicken and mushroom or their steak and mushroom... mmm, tasty.
20. Favourite Number? 3
21. Favourite Movie? Top Gun! "Goose, you big stud, take me to bed or lose me forever!"
22. Favourite Colour? Blue
23. Favourite Holiday? See favourite vacation above...
24. Favourite Food? Udon noodle soup, and anything else that stands still long enough to be eaten (as long as it's not too spicy).
25. Favourite day of the week? Hmmmm.... depends on what week it is...
26. Favourite brand of body soap? Cussons for bar soap and The Body Shop Papaya or Brazil Nut for liquid soap.
27. Favourite TV show? The Simpsons is a perrenial favourite.
28.Toothpaste? Colgate.
29. Most recently read book? I am ashamed to say that in desperation I have been reading V.C. Andrews' Flowers in the Attic series. It allows me a bit of mindless time.
30. Perfume/Cologne? L'Eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake or Gucci Envy.
31. Favourite Smell? Fresh cut grass or the morning after a storm.
32. What do you do to relax? Be lazy.
33. Favourite fast food? I have to admit to having a secret KFC addiction.
34. When was your last hospital visit? Last year when I fractured 3 vertebrae after falling off a horse.
36. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Older.
37. What do you do when you are bored? Waste time and whinge about being bored.
38. What presents do you enjoy receiving? Surprise ones... and lots of them... I'm a greedy, greedy girl!
39. What time is it now? 11:35pm

I have an exam at 9:30 tomorrow morning so I am going to go to bed now. Does anyone want to do my patho exam for me?

Later alligator!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Calling Doc Martens to Podiatry....

One exam down... three to go!


Does anyone want to write a GIT and Orthopaedic exam for me? It's multiple choice!!! When in doubt pick E - all of the above. I also have a Pathophysiology exam (also multiple choice) and a practical nursing skills exam if someone wants to do those for me too... I suspect I might be pushing my luck though.

48 hours 'til I leave for Melbourne! Woohoo!! A weekend with my Llama Face! We're gonna party like it's 1999! Llama's 21st is Friday night, then we're going to someone else's birthday party on Saturday night and then we have a BBQ with the family before I fly back on Sunday night. Then I have an exam on monday morning. WOOHOO!
Probably not the most effective study break in the world but it works for me! There's nothing like doing an exam with 3 days worth of hangover. I did it during the last exams when I went to Newcastle for Fishing brother's 40th birthday. I'm not sure that the hangover improved my performance, but it certainly didn't hurt none.

I have always been a big believer in the pre-exam beer... it takes the edge off the nerves and helps the post exam beers go down even better.

Off to "study".

Monday, November 15, 2004


Please allow me a moment to indulge my very suppressed feminine side.

I know we're well behind the rest of the world...
But it's all over for Sex and the City.

Over the years the Girls and I have laughed and cried together. We've had bad sex and fantastic sex. We've had fat boys, ugly boys, beautiful boys and gay boys. The show has become an institution for young women everywhere.

How wonderful to see Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha find love (in all sorts of ways). Carrie is back in New York where she belongs. With Big. And the Girls.
God has not forgotten Charlotte's address.
Miranda loves selflessly.
And spring comes again for Samantha.

So, will we miss them?


Negative Ghostrider the pattern is full...

I have 2 exams this week before I head to Melbourne for my Llama Face's 21st birthday!
A bit worried about the exams, but I have just had news which is sure to keep the smile on my face for the duration of the week...

At 8:30 on Friday night Channel Ten will be showing the world's best movie, Top Gun! I am so excited!!!
I feel like running barefoot into the streets and yelling "Goose, you big stud, take me to bed or lose me forever!".

My world is now a better place knowing that Top Gun has returned to the screens of free-to-air TV.

For those of you who don't know about my un-natural obsession with Top Gun, don't question, just accept. I don't love it for Tom "Maverick" Cruise, or even for Val "Iceman" Kilmer (although Iceman is the coolest guy on the face of the earth). I love it for the sheer 80's-ness of it. I love the entire Top Gun experience!

And, my oh my, what an experience it is!

Top Gun will always be my first love!

"I think she's lost that loving feeling."
"Oh no, I hate it when she does that!"

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

So sad, yet so sexy, yet so tasty...

Just wanted to send a big shout out to Wombat's workmates who apparently read my blog! Feel free to leave comments guys and gals! I'd love to hear from you. :o)

... and yes, he is a stud muffin!

I am such a slackarse!

My assignment was due 15mins ago and I am still not even close to finishing. At least I have started though!
I had a massive breakdown at uni yesterday and burst into tears about my exams. But Wombat came and met me after uni and made it all better. There is nothing that cuddles can't fix.

WARNING: Too much info alert. Skip the next bit if you want to avoid a little bit of oversharing... or if you are related to my boyfriend.

I had the best sex of my life last night! WOOHOO!!!!!

Oversharing is now complete.

Anywho... gotta go and get this assignment done. Bugger, bugger, bugger... Please tell me again why I always leave things to the last minute?

P.S. What is it with men and bra bags? My dad seems to think that I wear mine as a hat or something cos I always find it neatly folded with my washing. Is it so hard to understand that you put your bras IN it for washing?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

At Uni...

I have a break between my classes so I decided to play on the net (rather than do some ever important study). I am starting to completely freak out over my exams and once again I am kicking myself for leaving my assignments to the last minute. I really don't want to write between 1500 and 2000 words on fluid and electrolyte imbalances in the elderly tonight. I can in fact think of several things that I would rather do but once again I have pushed myself to crisis point by stuffing around for the 5 weeks before my assignment was due. Not that I don't work well under the pressure (I think the lowest mark I have pulled for one of my all-nighter assignments was a credit plus) but surely it isn't healthy for me to keep doing this! Especially when my exams start next week!

Note to self: Next year, pull finger out and get stuff done WELL BEFORE the due date!

P.S. I say that every year, but next year it really will happen... I promise...

I'd love to honey, but I have things to do around the bed...

I have this massive assignment due by 9am tomorrow and I haven't yet started it! Arrrggghhhh! Yes, I know it's my own fault, but I am just so unmotivated. And exams are coming up next week too! I'm fucked... and not in the nice way.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

I love my jobs!!

Now whomever it was that called me a slack arse will have a legitimate reason for that statement! :o)

Last night at the youth center I sat on my arse for 4 hours and watched TV... and got paid $20 an hour for the privilege! WOOHOO! Liz and I got to work yesterday afternoon to find that the aerial was missing from our TV. Unable to face the prospect of 4 hours at work without telly, we hunted high and low for our aerial and finally, being unable to find it, we were reduced to fashioning an aerial out of a coat hanger that we found in the back of Liz's car! I am SO handy! Just call me MacGyver! Then I recived a phonecall from sweet Wombat inviting me out to dinner with his parents after work. Panic time!!! I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a beanie. My hair was unwashed and unkempt and all in all I looked a right mess! But never fear, my resourcefulness saved the day once more and I ran across the road to Woolies and bought myself a towel, shampoo and mousse and I washed my hair in the sink and managed to make myself look reasonably presentable before meeting the parents! I was so proud of me!!! Anywho... I had a lovely dinner with Mr and Mrs M- and it was an absolute pleasure to meet them.

Work today at the nursing home was just as much fun... in a not so fun way. One of my little ladies, who is usually very calm and sweet and beautiful, went totally nuts today and began by wearing her trousers inside out with her undies on top. I didn't realise that the Superman style of dressing was back in fashion! She then proceeded to pull ALL the bed clothes off the bed and pull all her clothes out of the cupboard and walk down the hallway with them over her arm. She apparently thought that her uncle was coming to get her. Then the story changed and it was Tommy Sharp who was coming to pick her up for a date, but she wasn't going to marry him despite the fact that he is a perfect gentleman. (The story gets crazier!) After that she refused to shower (even in preperation for her "date" with Tommy Sharp) and became verbally and physically abusive. Today I have been hit with a TV remote and bare fists, had a table and a walking frame kicked at me, almost had my fingers broken, been told that I am "the worst kind of bitch there is", been called swine (I must admit that I oinked at her when she called me that), been told that the police will come and arrest me for cruelty and I'll be taken to court, been called a "bad bitch"and been asked what my mother thinks of my horrible behaviour! It's days like these that make you love working with demented people! It's really sad that it is her condition and not her personality that makes her say these things but she's very lucky that she got me on a good day because I am certainly not getting paid enough to put up with that crap! It's bad enough that they expect me to clean up poo and wipe bottoms for $12 an hour! All you can do is laugh though and today it's like water off a duck's back. And it's kinda funny in a sick sort of way!

Off to get ready for my hot date now!

Friday, November 05, 2004

I got a pickle, I got a pickle, I got a pickle, hey hey hey hey!

I have finally got my enrolment sorted out. Once again I have outsmarted the computer! Hopefully I will get all my preferences and will be able to get 1 day a week off as well as finish before 2 each day. Woohoo! More finger crossing is required!

And the clouds parted, and God said "I hate you Alfalfa!"

I watched the Little Rascals movie the other day. Who would have thought that a kids movie could be so funny! Little pearlers like the one above were liberally spattered throughout the script. And what makes them really funny is the fact that they are being said by 10 year olds! Who would have thought that children could be so funny!
I saw another awesome movie on Foxtel the other day, called The Life of David Gale. It is an amazingly powerful and moving story and it really leaves you thinking about the morality and fairness of modern day "justice". Just make sure you break out the tissues when you watch it. I bawled my little heart out. I highly recommend it.

I am currently trying to enrol for my nursing subjects for next year. (Yes, already!) It's all a bit confusing really. It turns out that I am now doing an extra subject each semester. And then they give me the opportunity to do 2 subjects internally (on campus), at distance (off campus) or in a block (irregular classes with weekend workshops). Whatever happened to the days where they just said "here's your classes. Be there or be square"? I think the uni has taken it's love of the internet a bit too far. I'm not even sure that I am enrolling in the right classes! Can I put it in the too hard basket yet?

I finished my prac yesterday, thank God! It's all over!!!! AND I passed with flying colours which is an added bonus! Woohoo for me!!! Now I just have to get my assignment in next week and pass my exams and I should be ok... I hope. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Soooo tired!

I have been up since 5:30 and I am running on 4 hours of broken sleep and I can't for the life of me work out how I am still awake! I feel like I am on red empty but I can't for the life of me get to sleep. I was supposed to go to a Rotaract meeting tonight but I got on the wrong train which terminated at Gordon, and after 20mins of waiting for a train there I threw a tantrum and turned around and came home. I think I made the right choice 'cos, for some reason, I haven't lost that childish urge to throw massive tanties when I get over tired.

I am really over my prac. I can't wait 'til it's finished. Only 2 more days to go but I still don't want to turn up. I am SO unmotivated at the moment.

Going to veg in front of the telly.

Cheers big ears!