Monday, January 31, 2005


Please excuse the shortage of posts lately.
This is because I am censoring my ramblings for an "appropriate" period of time in order to avoid offending or upsetting certain persons. It is also my way of avoiding tricky questions and ugly accusations from certain sensitive parties.

I don't enjoy censoring myself, however at the moment it seems to be the only way to deal with my current situation. Certain things may be taken out of context and hurtful assumptions may be made by people, and I feel that by keeping relatively quiet for a few more days might be the best idea.

But don't worry! All will be back to normal very soon!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My throat hurts... :o(

I know I promised weeks ago to write more about New Zealand... But really I just can't be arsed. All you really need to know is that it was beautiful and fun and I fancy I might move over there after I finish my degree.

I've been having a think about casual sex lately and trying to work out why I am such a sucker for a man who says he can't promise anything. I have come to the conclusion that casual sex is something that is done not only to scratch an itch, but also to feel wanted, to feel attractive, and to feel close to someone (even in a rather base sort of way). At least for me anyway. And unfortunately the desire to be wanted and be close completely overrides all sense and, despite the fact that I know I'll probably end up feeling used, I can't help but go ahead with it all again and again.

But it's only this way with guys that snuggle up afterwards and stay the night. The times when you just chuck your clothes back on and go home are much more bearable.

The hardest thing about it is convincing yourself that it's all just a bit of fun.

Casual sex is a great way to avoid getting hurt if you don't like the person you are sleeping with. But when you very much like the person and find them rather attractive casual sex becomes an oxymoron.

And thus concludes my spot of navel gazing... :o)

Saturday, January 15, 2005

I love the Qantas Club!!!!

One of the bestest things about travelling with my mum is that when waiting for flights at the airports we get to wait in the Qantas Club! There we are provided with food, drinks, grog (and not just beer and wine boys and girls, we are talking spirits too!), newspapers, shitty magazines (they have no Cleo, Cosmo, Marie Claire or Woman's Day), TV, telephones AND computers with internet access!!!!!! All because Mum pays a yearly membership fee!!!! How much does that freaking rock??!!!! So now it is 4:20pm NZ time and I am playing on this computer to kill time before my flight leaves at 6:45pm.

Today has been really hot in Christchurch and we had to return the hire car by 3 so we decided to get here early and chill out in the Qantas Club. It is most definitely one of the colder places in the South Island today! Over the course of the week the weather has got progressively hotter here in Christchurch. The first two nights I actually put the electric blanket on to warm my bed up! However it is currently 30 degrees here at the moment and I suddenly find myself why there are blankets to warm the bed up but there are none to cool it down? Must invent one.

I have had a most fantastic week here in Christchurch and it's surrounds. On Monday after we arrived, we just tried to settle into the little cottage that we were staying in. It was a 3 bedroomed cottage and could sleep 6 people! It was only a half hour or so walk into the centre of town which was sweet because here it's really very flat. The only hill on the walk into town was the railway overpass! Christchurch kind of reminds me of Canberra. They both have that same flatness about them, but Christchurch is square as opposed to Canberra's roundness (those who have been there will know what I'm talking about) and has much nicer scenery surrounding it.
Also on Monday I went and sussed out the shops that are in town. During the time that I have been here I have found the "Christian Superstore" (photo is on it's way kids), an Irish pub named "The Bog" (I love toilet humour), a bar called "WORK" which looks like a gay bar but offers a ladies night, and "Dr Feelgood's Party Pills" which is the local bong shop and had a 6 year old hanging out the front!

Anywho... I think I have written enough for the moment... time to go and ply myself with the complimentary booze. If I get myself drunk enough one of me might just get lucky on the flight home. ;o)

I will write more when I am safe and sound back on Australian soil!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Brilliant night out!

I have just returned from a naughty night out with the beautiful Miss Redfox. And my oh my did we meet some interesting characters tonight!

Firstly there was the extremely weird "Lobster Man" who eavesdropped on our conversation whilst we were waiting for the bus at Crows Nest to go into the city. "Lobster Man" was dressed in a rainbow stripy shirt and didn't seem to realise that Mardi Gras is months away! He also had a heavy silver chain around his neck, copious amounts of chest hair spewing out the open neck line of his hideous shirt, and quite a significant thin spot on his head. We named him "Lobster Man" because he very proudly proclaimed that he was a lobster because he got sunburnt. He was the first of our shady, yet amusing, characters of the evening.

After taking in a film we headed down to good ol' Scruffy Murphy's where we busted a few funkies whilst singing along to the cover band and the absolute classic tunes played in between the band's sets.

The Final Countdown, Living on a Prayer, Sweet Home Alabama, 500 Miles, Sweet Child of Mine, with a liberal sprinkling of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. As Elle and Bear would say, "Sa gooood".

It was at Scruffy's that we became aquained with "The Groper", who, when we arrived, had his tongue in the mouth of a woman who had a good 15 years on him and then continued trying to grope anyone else he could get his hands on. We also met "Mr Happy Pants" who had some remarkably "innovative" dance moves (for a demonstration, please make a booking with Redfox or myself), and a very cute guy who seemed to have an aversion to looking like he was being animated and enjoying himself.

Certainly a most fun and interesting evening!

Big thanks and hugs to Miss Redfox for a lovely evening. And congratulations on the upcoming replacement of FFH! What a great start to the new year!

I'm leaving on Monday morning for a week in NZ which will be fun! I'm planning to do a whale watching trip and sit and relax with the rest of my holiday time. This will be the first proper holiday I have had in quite a while so I am very much looking forward to it. Hopefully I will be able to put up some nice holiday snaps on here too when I get back!

So anywho.... I'll see you later alligators!

"One loves one."
"One reciprocates with ardour."

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I look at young people today and I think...

We are doomed.

I caught the bus to Manly yesterday. Please remind me not to go to Manly in peak beach weather, during school holidays, on public transport. The bus was packed, mainly with 15 year old private school kids from a private girls school near me (I shan't mention the name of the school but suffice to say the girls there don't have glowing reputations). One of them continuously sang Avril Lavigne songs all the way to Manly (a 40 minute bus ride for those of you who don't know), while another carried on about how, if she got her nose pierced, she would need to remove one earring from her left ear to avoid throwing out the balance of her face.

A third girl delivered a generous diatribe to her friends (and the rest of the bus) about how her horrible parents got a new extension built on the house (which probably didn't need it) and had bought a flat (which she will beg to live in when she finishes school) and therefore could not afford to take her out of one of Sydney's top private all girls schools in order to send her to a co-ed private school. For that they were deemed to be "dreadful parents", all because their daughter is not satisfied slutting around outside of school hours and would like to double her slut rating by slutting around during school hours at a new school!

All of these girls were wearing skirts that were ridiculously short. The crotch of my jeans hung lower than their skirts. Designers and shops must take some responsibility to provide some distinction between skirts and belts.

As I sat on the bus and looked at this group of girls, these girls who one day may be community leaders, I couldn't help but think "We're fucked".

On another note, I went to go see Dirty Dancing last night with Wombat! Most of you know that I am a complete sucker for anything and everything Top Gun. But I must also admit that Dirty Dancing rocks my world. When I injured myself and had to take 2 months off work I watched the movie almost obsessively. At one point I watched it 3 times in 2 days! It is another one of those movies which is so bad that it is fantastic! And the stage show was great too! There were bits in there that weren't in the movie (extra bits, not script changes) but the rest of the script was the same and I thouroughly enjoyed myself sitting there reciting the lines off by heart! The dancing was fantastic (and dirty) and the guy who played Johnny looked fantastic without his shirt on. I could most certainly have the time of my life with him! :o)
If you love dancing and kitsch it is most definitely a must see... especially the bit where Johnny comes back to get Baby.

Anywho... I'm off.

"I carried a watermelon."

Monday, January 03, 2005

I think I could get a job at Sea World...

As a performing whale.

I feel so gross. This year I have to shed a bit of weight. Diet here I come! I fell like I have just constantly been eating for the last 3 weeks! On New Years day, once I dragged my sorry arse out of bed with my sunnies on, I sat on the couch from 10:30am til 2am the next day just gorging myself and watching the Will & Grace marathon. This has to stop.

This year I am going to eat healthy, and not graze constantly. I will also exercise more (must remind self that lifting old people at work cannot replace going to the gym). That is my new years resolution (which most probably won't be kept).

Off to eat a chocolate Yogo now. Diet can start tomorrow.