Friday, October 15, 2004


Well today we have the return of the destructo dogs and an introduction to Mr Complicated and his screwed up ways!

Destructo dogs:
Once again the Black Death and his friend have gone nuts in the backyard and fucked things up... only this time they have done damage worthy of calling an electrician! I left home at 6am yesterday to go to the hospital and I fed the dogs and gave them some things to play with while I was gone. Then at 9:30 yesterday morning a message was left on my phone by the dog walking lady telling me that the dogs had been biting on the air-condititoning electrical wiring! By the time I got home last night the wires had been chewed through and the insulation around the copper piping had been started on! Little Bastards! The Electrician brother has been called and he will come over today to try and fix it. (I love having useful siblings.) But In the mean time I have to keep the dogs inside all day with no air-con! Just lovely really!

Meet Mr Complicated:
I was bored the other night and decided that for shits and giggles I would have a browse through the archives on an ex-fuck's "blog". While browsing the archives I found an entry from May that mentioned me... not by name of course. The entry was about ex's and apparently we are complicated! This struck me as ironic seeing as this guy is one of the most complicated people I have ever met! Let's just call him Mr Complicated. I was also in awe of the amazing comments that were posted in response to his entry, particularly the ones from "The Girl I Remind You Of" (Hereby to be referred to as TGIRYO). I find it absoulutely amazing that a person that I have never met can, with such conviction, call me a "stupid stupid girl" and comment that I am "SO SO weird". Apart from the poor grammar, what pisses me off most about these statements is that they are misguided judgements upon a person that she has never met and that they are based purely on hearsay. Given the judgements that she has passed upon me unfairly, I would be quite right to call her a stupid, stupid girl! Dumb bitch.
As for Mr Complicated, despite his claims to have so much respect for me, etc... he doesn't exactly leap to my defence! He talks about hating people who are two faced, but he is the one that was two faced. In fact Mr C, maybe Janus would have been a better name for you! You didn't seem to have a problem with my character when you were asking me to come over and sleep with you! I have told you before, and I will say it again: It's all very well and good to claim that everyone else is too complicated, but have you ever stopped to think that other people might think the same thing about you? Does your dislike of the complicated stem from the fact that it is something that you hate about yourself?

"There should be a law about people who have previously been in relationships and the ability to place that person in a freeze lock. So you don't have to see them for a while." I couldn't have said it better myself Mr Complicated.

"Sort this out on your own time" (New Found Glory - Something I Call Personality)

At least there are some nice boys out there in the world! Like my Wombat!

Need brekky... off to eat now!


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