Sunday, October 10, 2004


Another election over and another term with John Howard. Fuckin' Fantastic! (Insert sarcasm here.)
I am sure I am not the only one who feels like throwing things at the telly when he comes on.
My other whinge about the elections is the fact that the ballot paper that they give you is 3 foot long and the booth that they send you to vote in is only 1.5 foot wide. Is it just me or is that stoopid? I would be really interested to find out how many people went to the trouble of numbering EVERY box below the line in order of preference... that's 50 odd boxes to number! And if you do that then how do you decide whether to put the Legalise Marijuana candidates ahead of the Fishing Party candidates or the Lower Excise on Fuel & Beer candidates? And where does Fred Nile and his homophobic party really sit in the scheme of things? It's a fucked up world out there but let me tell you one thing, the marijuana people could probably teach both the Liberal and Labor leaders a thing or two about how to treat their population.

Being a student AND a nurse I have been doubly screwed by John Howard and now it's going to happen for another 3 years! It most truely does suck dogs balls! But on the plus side, I'm going to see if I can make back some of the money that Johnny fucks me for by taking bets on just how long it takes before he makes yet another royal fuck up! To place your bets call me.

Really, the least we could have done is give Labor the opportunity to see how well they can fuck things up! This is the "lucky country" after all and everyone deserves a chance!

Off to throw things at the telly now!
What a wank!


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