Sunday, October 31, 2004

There is nothing that can't be fixed by cuddles and "Hello Pandas"!

Maybe I should tell that to the UN. It could become their new conflict resolution strategy... obviously the ones that they are using at the moment aren't working well enough!

Actually I haven't had any of my favourite little chocolate filled panda treats for a while, but just thinking about them after Bear's suggestion has certainly lifted my spirits! :oD

That and my sweet Wombat! He has been absolutely beautiful this weekend with lots of kisses and cuddles and I love you's. I love having cuddles and especially with someone who is so warm and cuddly. :oD I have been very lucky to find such a sweet boy and to keep him around for a whole month!!! Now THAT is an achievement!

Still feeling a bit fragile at the moment, but I'm sure the feeling will pass eventually, especially with so many beautiful people giving me loving!

Anywho... off to bed for now 'cos I have to be at the hospital at 7am in order to share the loving feeling around (and complete the final week of my prac)! I just can't wait 'til this is all over.

Big hugs and kisses to everyone today!


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