Friday, October 01, 2004

Washing, washing, washing!

I can't work out where all this washing has come from!! Admittedly in the last week it has seemed like the Mad Hatters Tea Party at my place, but with clothes instead of tea sets. Rather than doing my washing I have just bought new clothes... not specifically for that reason but it was kinda coincidental. But I am sure that, regardless of that, I could not have worn so many items in the past week!

Don't you hate it when other people eat your food and use your stuff without asking? Part of the reason I moved out of my old place was that my housemate's girlfriend would eat my cheese and use my butter without asking. And not just in small amouts either!!! I did some shopping on a Friday and then went away until Sunday and I got home to find that she had eaten a 3 quarters of a block of cheese!!! I know it wasn't my housemate cos he was lactose intolerant. Anyway, I got up this morning (actually this afternoon)I was hanging out for a glass of Coke and a bagel with cottage cheese. We can discuss the healthiness of my diet at a later stage. My younger brother has been down for a week from QLD for uni holidays and has been eating his way through the food in the fridge, most of which is Dad's. When I opened the fridge this morning 2 of my bagels had been eaten, the cottage cheese which I had opened yesterday had only 3 teaspoons worth of CC left in the container, and my bottle of Coke had been put back in it's place with what would equate with a mouthful of Coke left in it!!!
If there is one thing that shits me more than people eating my food, it's people eating my food and leaving a tiny bit left and putting it back in the fridge! HOW RUDE!!!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Today's quote comes from the movie "The Truth About Cats & Dogs".
Noelle: What's wrong Abby?
Abby: Nothing that a rooftop and an AK47 won't fix.

Hmmmm. An AK47 would have been handy this morning...



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