Saturday, October 16, 2004

Dogs are fuckers...

I have just come home from work (please note that it is almost 11:30pm AEST) to find that the fucktard dog has moved the barrier that Electrician brother put up after fixing the air-con earlier today, and had another go at the electrical wires. I have also found that of all the washing on the line he has decided that the best thing to rip off and eat is my good bra (which retails at more than $50). This dog is a fucker and I am never looking after him and his friend again! If they aren't careful i will sell them to the chinese restaurant up the road to make combination dalmation or satay sharpei out of them. Mum will be very lucky to come home and find the bastards alive!

I am SO pissed off!!!!!!

And I am sick. I don't think chest pains and kidney pains are signs of good health.


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