Monday, October 18, 2004

I found the love...

@ the BEP concert! It was absolutely fucking awesome! Almost as good as sex (actually better than some that I've had)! Spent the night in the mosh pit with young Aaron (Rebekah's 17 year old cousin. Rebekah being Damo's friend.) and went absolutely nuts!!!! It was his first concert, so I got to break in the gig virgin!!! WOOHOO!!! A night in the mosh at a Black Eyed Peas gig is just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on!
Aaron and I quickly played getting to know you earlier in the evening when we went on a "wee run" at Fox Studios and had trouble finding the toilets. Eventually we went into the parents room and used the little kids sized loos with the hand basins that are mounted on the wall at about my knee height. It was certainly an experience! And one of the highlights of my evening!

I now have no voice at all and my cough is worse than it has been (I have no idea where this cough came from by the way). But it was so worth it! I was so tempted to buy tix to tomorrow night's show too, but the bank account didn't like the sound of that. I am Red Bulled up to the eye balls and am now going to go and lie in bed and try to settle down in an attempt to get a decent night's sleep.

Destructo dogs are inside and hopefully didn't damage anything else while I was out tonight. Dunno if Sister 2 came to feed and walk them this afternoon as she was supposed to. Probably not though.

Spacing out now...

Let's get retarded.


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