Monday, October 04, 2004

If only there were more public holidays... What a life it would be!

What a weekend it has been!

I am now safely ensconced in my mothers study at the computer while she is away in NZ with her husband. I have been given the role of chief dogsitter and so am looking after mum's 2 labradors until she gets back. The dogs are very beautiful and oh so sweet, but in the time since mum left at 5am yesterday morning, they have ripped up the mat in their kennel, somehow managed to get a towel (which was destroyed) and a tarpaulin (which wasn't) out of the locked garage, empty 2 pots of Osmocote onto the garden, trampled some flowers, shit on the footpath, un-potted 2 plants and knocked over their big ceramic pots, and finally, pulled a big box of potted flower seeds which had been left to germinate off the back table and dragged it across the lawn. It seems that our dogs have confused guarding with gardening. If this continues for the next 3 weeks I will go nuts.

Saturday night was most certainly an interesting one. I dragged a few people to Aaron's Scissors, Paper, Rock championship in Chippendale, and once we got a few beers into us, it turned into a pretty good night, although I'm sure that the grudge match between me and Aaron was rigged from the very outset.

DISCUSSION TOPIC OF THE WEEK: On Saturday night I managed to have a heated discussion with a science teacher about the health issues regarding the eating of kidney. I am of the opinion that eating kidney is gross because it filters your system of all impurities and therefore eating kidney would be on par with eating the filter out of a cigarette, or the filter out of a coffee percolator. It is unhealthy and gross. But this guy seemed to think that despite the fact that kidney's filter all sorts of gross stuff out of the body, they are sterile and therefore one can eat them with no ill effect at all. They don't become sterile until they have been cooked good and proper and even then that only kills any bacteria. I'm sure uric acid tastes fantastic but it's unhealthy and gross and I am dead against it.

Has anyone ever said something so sweet that it nearly makes you cry? (Yes, I know I am a complete sucker for sweetness.) I have met this very sweet guy who tells me that I am gorgeous and a princess and he's just so lovely. Last night when I was at work he sent me this little message that said "i miss you :(". So cute!!! Maybe things will go well with this one... stay tuned to this station for future updates!



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