Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Cranky Pants and Grumble Bum

I sooooo got out on the wrong side of the bed today! And it's no wonder why really! At 6am Dad comes rushing into my room, banging around and waking me and then says "I need your help. I was just typing a really important e-mail and now it's gone! I pushed something and it's gone!!!" So sleeping Yaeli very patiently asks "Did you push the send button Dad? Cos that would make it disappear..." I was told not to be stupid and dragged out of bed to examine Dad's computer at 6:02am. Not happy Jan!

Those of you that have read my previous postings will understand the irony of the situation... Me being asked to fix a technological problem??!! What a joke!

Anywho... Sleepy, and now cranky, Yaeli trots out to the computer and solves the major, life threatening drama in 0.2 seconds flat. It turns out that clever Daddy has minimised the e-mail window... hence the e-mail has disappeared! I cannot believe that he got me out of bed for that!!!

In my rush to leap out of bed and solve the world's technological problems before 7am I have twisted my back and am in quite a reasonable amount of pain. Add to that nausea from the high level of antibiotics that I have been prescribed for quite a severe eye infection (ewwww, gross, I know)and a significant lack of sleep, I think it is quite reasonable that I am a cranky pants today!

I wasn't too happy last night either after stoopid Vodafone had me on hold for 45 minutes. You would think that by now, technological advancements would mean that one can at least be entertained whilst giving themselves brain cancer! At least I kept swapping ears so that my brain tumour will grow evenly on both sides! Then, when I finally get through to an operator (who was rude) I get put on hold again just so that she can go and find out if the problem that was supposed to be fixed last Wednesday has been fixed. Turns out, it hasn't! So I am told that the problem has been assigned to the technicians and it will take up to 72 hours to fix it. I will be notified of the correction via sms. Which is EXACTLY what I was told last Wednesday!!! Such a grumble bum after that! Very not happy Jan!

I'm off to wag uni and nurse my injuries today.


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