Thursday, July 07, 2005

Waving at sailors.

I had quite an interesting day yesterday! Intersting and successful! Firstly I went shopping and have made the decision to go for quality when buying my requirements for overseas. So for this reason I have now decided to do my shopping at Mountain Designs rather than Kathmandu (despite the 50% off sale). The other reasons for this are that Mountain Designs offer better warrantees on their gear, their service was better (I stood in Kathmandu for 20 minutes playing with packs and no one offered to assist me, as opposed to the Mountain Designs guy offering assistance as soon as I walked in the door), and the guy working at Mountain Designs was trying to pick me up! :o) Nice guy too! Will have to have a word to my friend who works there... suss out the situation.

Then I went out last night with Miss Sare to wave at the sailors. We ended up at The Bourbon in the Cross where the place was packed from wall to wall with US servicemen out for one last hurrah before reboarding the boat. But despite this there was very little talent. Did meet a couple of interesting local boys though...
Another one bites the dust!


At 1:08 am, Anonymous Aaron said...

Hmmm at the Burboun.... Where these boys footballers by any chance??


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