Monday, July 04, 2005

Fleet Week! Woohoo! The seamen are in town! ;o)

So tempted to go out tonight and hunt down a few American sailors who have just arrived in town. Could be kinda fun really!

Have spent my weekend doing a bit of navel gazing (and recovering from drinking enough alcohol to cause damage to a small horse on Friday night). And have come to a conclusion about what qualities I'd like in a man. My ideal man (for this week) needs to be resonably intelligent, confident, attractive, good in bed, and he needs to challenge me and not put up with the shit that I try to put over lesser men. So far I have only met one man who meets this set of criteria, and he and I just can't get our shit together and be nice to one another. With a list like this, what wierd and wonderful relationships will I be getting myself into?!

Seamen here I come! Let's see if I can hit 20!


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