Friday, July 22, 2005

Reproduction, reproduction. Baby give it to me now.

I am officially in detox mode. Have spent the last week having an awesome time up the coast with some of the worlds most rocking chicks (and one or two who just don't quite make the cut) and once again have consumed enough alcohol to cause damage to a small horse!
Lazy days, sitting on my arse, sunning myself by the lake, reading my book and watching the pelicans soar by. Couldn't have asked for a more relaxing time really.

A warning to any young ladies visiting Lake Macquarie: Apparently saying a passing hello can be taken by local men to mean "Stop by my place later with your esky of beer and harass me and my friends". Damn funny though.

Have come to the exciting conclusion that it might be worth my while to delete certain phone numbers and contacts from my records. And the even more exciting thing is that I have actually done it! I think this is a healthier option for the long run. Can't get blood out of a stone and it's probably pretty stupid to try.

I passed all my uni exams and scored 3 credits and a pass for the semester!!! So I am well pleased with myself at the mo. Credit average here I come!!! It's noice.
And Monday will be my final shift at the crappy nursing home with "Armpit" and his shithead girlfriend and all the other arseholes who can stick their shitty jobs! And then I start my new job as soon as possible!!! Everything is getting exciting now!

Am going for a meeting with my new boss on Monday to discuss the company sponsoring my trip to Vanuatu at the end of the year. So it appears that everything is coming up roses!
Woohoo for me!!!!


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