Monday, July 11, 2005

Animal instincts & Bites of a human variety.

Does anyone know which animal it is that bites it's partner on the back of the neck during sex? I think it's lions... but I can't really remember. I'm sure National Geographic told me once...

Everything is falling into place. My step-dad's friend is the managing director of a nursing agency who are looking for assistants in nursing at the moment, and he has offered me a job. This means that I am now sitting writing my letter of resignation to the arsehole nursing home that I currently work at, where the patients are sweet (mostly) but the staff are arseholes, the facility is crap, the management doesn't look after the staff and timesheets and payslips go missing left right and centre. WOOHOO for me!!! The agency will give me better and more acute care experience which is great in terms of my studies and all, and they will pay me more money, upwards of $17 per hour (which is heaps better than my current base rate of $13.50 an hour).

And, the best thing of all, the agency is looking at sponsoring my volunteer trip to Vanuatu at the end of the year! How awesome is that??!! And I didn't even have to ask!!! They just offered!!!

My world is rockin' right now!!!

Anywho... Need to finish writing that letter of resignation.


At 3:58 am, Blogger Chris Best said...

woowoo!! Go you!


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