Saturday, July 09, 2005

What's your damage Heather?

Congratulations to Mr Mikey! The Cobra has finally been received and he has commenced work on his "love". Happy Cobra day to you tiger!

Another spot of navel gazing:
I was told the other day that I am strange. Yes, I most certainly am, but what most people don't know is that there are reasons for it. After a brief chat with Mr Mikey I have come to the conclusion that being strange is neither bad nor good... it just is. But the reasons for it go deeper than anyone would ever think. Being strange is a great way to hide damage. If you take the focus off the damage by being strange no one notices just how damaged you are. It works just the same way as going out in a great top that shows off you awesome cleavage in order to take the focus off your fat ugly arse. It's better to be thought of as strange than damaged, believe me! I am pretty damaged... as a result of my own actions and the actions of others. I am cynical and skeptical because I have to be, and my guards go up to prevent further hurt. I play games and like power because it stop me from getting hurt. But life is all about reciprocity and sharing, and usually the only way to build anything with anyone is by letting your guard down and sharing certain things.

Anywho... Off into the Cross again tonight for Miss Bear's birthday celebrations! This is becoming a habit. Let's see where the evening takes me!


At 3:21 am, Blogger Chris Best said...

LALALALA... have a great night!

At 11:56 am, Blogger Yaeli said...

Mr Chris!!!!
You've just been leaving random posts on everyone's blogs from what I hear!!! gotta love a bit of random postage! xoxo


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