Monday, July 25, 2005

Whatever happened to Freddie Prinze Jr?

I was thinking about this just the other day. It seems he married Sarah Michelle Gellar and then disappeared of the face of the earth.
That's my random thought for the day.

I slept poorly again last night, despite taking two valerian forte to try and counteract my sleeplessness. Still can't work out what the cause of my restless nights is. I'm currently looking into the suggested theory that it may be due to either subliminal stress or subliminal guilt. Am quickly running out of other reasons.

I discovered today that my favourite show, Mythbusters, is available on DVD!!! Woohoo!!! For those who are uneducated in the world of Mythbusters, the basic concept is that these two guys, Adam and Jamie, go about trying to bust "myths" ranging from urban legends, to movie stunts, to historical stories. It has been described as "Jackass meets Mr Science". Once they built this awesome "chicken gun" to shoot frozen and thawed chickens at 160 miles per hour into the windscreen of an airplane. Another time they made a tree cannon (literally a cannon made out of a tree) and tried to blow it up... they ended up using 5 pounds of gunpowder and blew the thing to splinters. And tonight they have sealed up a crapped out plane, are pressurising it to 8 psi, and then they are shooting holes in it with guns to explore the concept of explosive de-pressurisation. So awesome!!! I wish I had a job where I got to blow shit up!!!! I have previously mentioned my love for Animal Face Off (where computer generated animals fight each other to the death) but, I can with most certainty say that Mythbusters out rocks Animal Face Off anyday!!!

P.S. Woohoo for me!!! I have just worked out how to put links into my posts! No, I'm not slow on the uptake... Just technologically illiterate. :o)


At 4:44 am, Blogger Chris Best said...

hehe so now you can link to me so much easier ;-)


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