Thursday, July 14, 2005

Paging Doctor Freud...

After a month of relative bliss, here is the situation as it currently stands:

  • I am having issues with my mysogynistic, unsupportive, unappreciative and suddenly present father.
  • I am trying to explain, to my younger brother, the concept of inequality, and the reality that not everyone can live in another state, on someone else's money, be given a unit to live in and not have to have a job.
  • I have anger issues and apparently remind my mother of herself at the same age, which means I now have two failed marriages (one of which being a seriously abusive relationship) to look forward to before I become an uptight, post-menopausal control freak.
  • I am screwing around with a man who doesn't like me. (Hmm, Freudian reflection of my father maybe?)
  • And I have found myself enslaved by my grandmother's manipulative guilt trips and mind games. (The old girl is still as cunning as a fox.) Obviously, because I am the only grandchild with the double X chromosome, it is my duty to serve one and all who enter the family circle.

Geez!!! No wonder I'm angry!!

Must find a way to get around all this...


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