Sunday, February 27, 2005

RedFox and Pixie Bottom hit the town...

and my oh my did the town hit back!!!

Earlier this week Miss RedFox won tix to a Nova 96.9 night racing thingo at Canterbury racecourse which took place tonight. So this evening the beautiful Miss RedFox and I attended and I must complain that our fellow attendee's were a pack of freaks and swamp donkeys! We did meet a lovely, yet rather simple guy who discribed himself as a "filthy screw" (his job not his prowess in the sack). However as fun as he was we couldn't help but notice that his "friends" called us mingas and then left him with us while they went to "bet on the dogs". On the plus side we did get him to enter a dance off in front of 100+ people and he did have a nice smile... He would have been lovely if he'd kept his mouth closed. Sidetrack: Anyone (aside from the fair and lovely Miss RedFox) who can tell me what his profession was will score 2 drinks to the value of $10 or less from me next time we are at the pub.

Anywho... free alcohol on behalf of Nova wasn't to be sneezed at (even if it was very poor sparkling white and a substandard white, red and Tooheys New) so we had a few at Nova's expense and Miss RedFox came out a million dollars better than what she went in. All in all it was a reasonable night made wonderful by great company and many laughs... Miss R, we must find that photographer.

I would like to do a shout out to Miss RedFox's sweet flatmate who I'm sure finds me rather scary and confronting, but who I think is a lovely man with a great tolerance for strange (but funny) young women who end up having coffee in his lounge room at midnight. Thanks for putting up with me Tiger! I only give you shit 'cos I think you're cool and I am very pleased that you have moved into "the chateau".

I can't work out if it is very late or very early... hmmm....


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