Thursday, February 10, 2005

Arrgghh! Someone touched my wallie!

Oh so sleepy!
I just woke up. I really should stop playing on the net til all hours. Not very cool waking up at midday and still feeling tired.

I am getting very sick of receiving e-mails through hotmail asking me if i'd like to enlarge my penis! If I had a doodle (particularly a small one) then I might be tempted. But I'm a chick and the only doodles I have are attached to someone else therefore I have no say in whether or not they should be enlarged. So all these e-mail are useless to me. I've been getting up to 20 a day!!! How suss is that?! So If you know anyone who needs bigger bits in their pants, refer them to me and i'll point them in the right direction! :o)

My birthday party is coming up and I told my friend Cobra Mike that he could bring some friends... uhoh!!! Then I remembered what happened last time he brought a friend to one of my parties! This friend, we'll call him Mr C to protect his identity, felt it appropriate to put his tongue in one girl's mouth, his hand down another girl's pants, and his hand up my skirt... And yes ladies, this charmer had a girlfriend at the time!!!! Maybe I should have thought twice before inviting Cobra Mike's friends... hmmmmm.

I need feeding.... off to hunt and gather!


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