Thursday, February 10, 2005

Can you feel the love Miss Tash?

I got my first Valentine today from my Llama Face!!!! And in the same package was my first birthday pressie!!! Llama sent me this awesome little "bad taste bears" keyring with a sexy little nurse bear (how appropriate!) on it. And she has little rubber gloves on, and on one finger she has what I suppose could be lube, like she's ready to give someone a rectal exam. Hehehe... so funny!!!! Check her out on the website, Click on your country and then click on "the collection". She's on there somewhere. Her name is Nursie. I think she's a nurse in a sperm bank! :o)
If anyone is wondering what to get me for my b'day, get me AC/DC.

I want to collect them all!!!!

Llama also sent me a set of "Bar Secrets" cards for Sydney. These are basically a listing of all the top bars in Sydney. Ladies, get ready to work our way through the deck!
Llama also sent me 2 awesome cards. A V-day one "to make sure that I got at least one" (thanks Llama), and very sweet birthday card.

Thankyou Llama for my fantastic pressies and your beautiful words. We may piss each other off when where together, but I miss you more than anything when we're apart. *Yaeli wipes a tear from her eye...* Love you lots Llama Face!

I just realised that I could also spell Miss Tash's name as Moustache.
I am crazy.


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