Thursday, February 03, 2005

Down with my period of china-like censorship!

The "Where do we go from here" summit was a complete failure because I am a total pussy and could get my shit together long enough to initiate a discussion about the necessary topics. I am so useless! :oP

For those who feel that you are missing a piece of the puzzle, the reign of chinese censorsip has ended and it is now time to fill you in. A couple of weeks ago I bumped into a mates brother at a seminar and we got chatting. A few days later I went and partied the weekend away at their place and over the weekend we had a few "moments" together. Since then we have had another "moment" and several reasonably unsober conversations about what was going to happen and where we wanted to go with things, but nothing was actually resolved.

So today we met up for the "where do we go from here" summit, but due to the fact that I was chicken shit nothing got discussed or sorted. We had an extremely friendly and comfortable conversation but we both skirted the topic and it just never happened.

I now feel so unsatisfied.

shit shit fucking bum poo wee....



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