Sunday, February 20, 2005

Little bit overhung today.

I woke up today and my bedroom smelled like some dirty drunk person had slept in it... an intriguing combination of cigarette smoke and that weird alcohol seeping out of pores smell.

I got on the computer to find that in my haze last night I had sent a few e-mails and now have a round of belated birthday sex lined up for April with the guy previously referred to as Mr Complicated. I do believe some drunken smses were sent out as well... why do I even bother trying to communicate when I am drunk? It is quite obvious that all roads lead to sex after I've had a few drinks. I need to hire someone to control me at that point in the evening. I wonder if there's a business that rents chaperones out to people to stop them doing dumb stuff when they are drunk? And if not, why isn't there one? And who wants to start one up with me?

Mmmm bbq shapes are so tasty!


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