Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I am so cute!!!

I got my hair done today and I look like a pixie!!! :o) I am such a cutie! I have this itsy bitsy little fringe and lots of sticky up hair bits! I am just so cool! I decided that I had to make myself look a little less scruffy for Nanna's funeral on Friday. And Mum said that she'd pay for it as my birthday present. So I got my hair cut and coloured and now I have a pixie hairdo with reddish brown streaks in a halo around the front, back and sides.

I got an sms today from this guy who plays in a reasonably popular Sydney band. I met him a few years ago when I was out with some friends and he was a friend of my friend's boyfriend. then late last year his band came and played a gig at my youth centre and we had a chat and caught up. (In fact at one point he made a rather inappropriate joke to one of my co-workers that we weren't talking but in fact pashing on out the back.) Anywho, his band is actually rather good, which explains why they are reasonably popular, and I asked to be put on their mailing list to find out when they are playing gigs etc.

So today I got an sms telling me that they will be playing a few gigs in the coming weeks. I sent back an sms saying thank you for the heads up about the gigs and 2 smses later he is telling me that his girlfriend doesn't boss him around and that he finds it a turn on. All this from me saying "Thanks for the heads up and don't work too hard." How bizzare!!!! He's a strange little man and all of this has taken me a little by surprise, however it means that I can probably get free tix to this gig next weekend so I'll let him say what he wants til the tix are in my hot little hand. :o)

It's a mad mad mad mad world.


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