Friday, November 05, 2004

And the clouds parted, and God said "I hate you Alfalfa!"

I watched the Little Rascals movie the other day. Who would have thought that a kids movie could be so funny! Little pearlers like the one above were liberally spattered throughout the script. And what makes them really funny is the fact that they are being said by 10 year olds! Who would have thought that children could be so funny!
I saw another awesome movie on Foxtel the other day, called The Life of David Gale. It is an amazingly powerful and moving story and it really leaves you thinking about the morality and fairness of modern day "justice". Just make sure you break out the tissues when you watch it. I bawled my little heart out. I highly recommend it.

I am currently trying to enrol for my nursing subjects for next year. (Yes, already!) It's all a bit confusing really. It turns out that I am now doing an extra subject each semester. And then they give me the opportunity to do 2 subjects internally (on campus), at distance (off campus) or in a block (irregular classes with weekend workshops). Whatever happened to the days where they just said "here's your classes. Be there or be square"? I think the uni has taken it's love of the internet a bit too far. I'm not even sure that I am enrolling in the right classes! Can I put it in the too hard basket yet?

I finished my prac yesterday, thank God! It's all over!!!! AND I passed with flying colours which is an added bonus! Woohoo for me!!! Now I just have to get my assignment in next week and pass my exams and I should be ok... I hope. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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