Saturday, November 06, 2004

I love my jobs!!

Now whomever it was that called me a slack arse will have a legitimate reason for that statement! :o)

Last night at the youth center I sat on my arse for 4 hours and watched TV... and got paid $20 an hour for the privilege! WOOHOO! Liz and I got to work yesterday afternoon to find that the aerial was missing from our TV. Unable to face the prospect of 4 hours at work without telly, we hunted high and low for our aerial and finally, being unable to find it, we were reduced to fashioning an aerial out of a coat hanger that we found in the back of Liz's car! I am SO handy! Just call me MacGyver! Then I recived a phonecall from sweet Wombat inviting me out to dinner with his parents after work. Panic time!!! I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a beanie. My hair was unwashed and unkempt and all in all I looked a right mess! But never fear, my resourcefulness saved the day once more and I ran across the road to Woolies and bought myself a towel, shampoo and mousse and I washed my hair in the sink and managed to make myself look reasonably presentable before meeting the parents! I was so proud of me!!! Anywho... I had a lovely dinner with Mr and Mrs M- and it was an absolute pleasure to meet them.

Work today at the nursing home was just as much fun... in a not so fun way. One of my little ladies, who is usually very calm and sweet and beautiful, went totally nuts today and began by wearing her trousers inside out with her undies on top. I didn't realise that the Superman style of dressing was back in fashion! She then proceeded to pull ALL the bed clothes off the bed and pull all her clothes out of the cupboard and walk down the hallway with them over her arm. She apparently thought that her uncle was coming to get her. Then the story changed and it was Tommy Sharp who was coming to pick her up for a date, but she wasn't going to marry him despite the fact that he is a perfect gentleman. (The story gets crazier!) After that she refused to shower (even in preperation for her "date" with Tommy Sharp) and became verbally and physically abusive. Today I have been hit with a TV remote and bare fists, had a table and a walking frame kicked at me, almost had my fingers broken, been told that I am "the worst kind of bitch there is", been called swine (I must admit that I oinked at her when she called me that), been told that the police will come and arrest me for cruelty and I'll be taken to court, been called a "bad bitch"and been asked what my mother thinks of my horrible behaviour! It's days like these that make you love working with demented people! It's really sad that it is her condition and not her personality that makes her say these things but she's very lucky that she got me on a good day because I am certainly not getting paid enough to put up with that crap! It's bad enough that they expect me to clean up poo and wipe bottoms for $12 an hour! All you can do is laugh though and today it's like water off a duck's back. And it's kinda funny in a sick sort of way!

Off to get ready for my hot date now!


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