Sunday, June 19, 2005

Yummy yummy Haribo!

I have Haribo!!! I am SO excited!!!
I first fell in love with Haribo sweets when I was staying in France and since then I have found it damn hard to come by them here in Oz. Usually I have to go to specialist sweet stores who import them from Germany, France or the UK, and they usually mark up the price and make them SO expensive... until now. Aldi (the German supermarket where cashiers get to sit on their bums while swiping your shopping and they don't put it in bags) is my new "most favourite" store because they stock huge party packs of Haribo sweeties and big bags of Haribo "Goldbaren" (gummybears), and they charge a reasonable price for them!!!! I am so excited!!! And ashamed... because the cashier looked at me funny when Bear and I went and bought 7 party packs and 3 bags of Goldbaren between us. I do believe that this is an addiction!

On a not so cheerful note, I had a totally crap day at work today. A second of my patients died (that's two in a week 'cos one died on the public holiday Monday) and a third, one very sweet lady who is one of my favourites, is on the way out. I don't think she'll last the week. It's so sad. And it makes me never want to get old. It all brings back bad feelings from when Nanna died, sad things that I thought that if I pretended they didn't exist then I wouldn't have to face them again. Doesn't make for a cheerful working environment really... maybe I should move on.


At 4:42 am, Blogger Chris Best said...

Awww - yeah don't move to London then... you have to put your own shopping in your own bags. *sigh* It ki9nd of sucks.


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