Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is 15 too many? Or not enough?

I'm still alive!!

Uni exams are underway and with one down, I now only have 3 more to go. One of which is tomorrow. Gee... I should probably do some study, maybe...

The urge to procrastinate becomes remarkably strong during exam times. So far I have cleaned my room (those who have seen my room will know that this is no mean feat), done 5 loads of washing (for 1 person mind you), put the dishwasher on 7 times since sunday (again, only one person using dishes and cutlery), cooked a large and respectable meal each night of the week, drunk countless cups of tea, and finally, smoked 3 packs of cigarettes. The things one does to avoid work!

Was in Chatswood today and discovered a new store that has opened in Chatswood Chase. It's the "Lovesac" store! And let me tell you, these lovesacs look so awesome!!! To see what I'm talking about check out! They are huge beanbag-y / couchy things and they look so comfy!! They range in size from 2ft to 8ft and they come with some awesome covers!!! I have decided that I just have to have one!!!!! Unfortunately, they are rather expensive... the 8ft one is $580, plus a cover. :o(

Donations to "Yaeli's Lovesac Appeal" will be greatly appreciated and can be deposited directly into my bank account. :o)


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