Saturday, January 15, 2005

I love the Qantas Club!!!!

One of the bestest things about travelling with my mum is that when waiting for flights at the airports we get to wait in the Qantas Club! There we are provided with food, drinks, grog (and not just beer and wine boys and girls, we are talking spirits too!), newspapers, shitty magazines (they have no Cleo, Cosmo, Marie Claire or Woman's Day), TV, telephones AND computers with internet access!!!!!! All because Mum pays a yearly membership fee!!!! How much does that freaking rock??!!!! So now it is 4:20pm NZ time and I am playing on this computer to kill time before my flight leaves at 6:45pm.

Today has been really hot in Christchurch and we had to return the hire car by 3 so we decided to get here early and chill out in the Qantas Club. It is most definitely one of the colder places in the South Island today! Over the course of the week the weather has got progressively hotter here in Christchurch. The first two nights I actually put the electric blanket on to warm my bed up! However it is currently 30 degrees here at the moment and I suddenly find myself why there are blankets to warm the bed up but there are none to cool it down? Must invent one.

I have had a most fantastic week here in Christchurch and it's surrounds. On Monday after we arrived, we just tried to settle into the little cottage that we were staying in. It was a 3 bedroomed cottage and could sleep 6 people! It was only a half hour or so walk into the centre of town which was sweet because here it's really very flat. The only hill on the walk into town was the railway overpass! Christchurch kind of reminds me of Canberra. They both have that same flatness about them, but Christchurch is square as opposed to Canberra's roundness (those who have been there will know what I'm talking about) and has much nicer scenery surrounding it.
Also on Monday I went and sussed out the shops that are in town. During the time that I have been here I have found the "Christian Superstore" (photo is on it's way kids), an Irish pub named "The Bog" (I love toilet humour), a bar called "WORK" which looks like a gay bar but offers a ladies night, and "Dr Feelgood's Party Pills" which is the local bong shop and had a 6 year old hanging out the front!

Anywho... I think I have written enough for the moment... time to go and ply myself with the complimentary booze. If I get myself drunk enough one of me might just get lucky on the flight home. ;o)

I will write more when I am safe and sound back on Australian soil!


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