Sunday, January 09, 2005

Brilliant night out!

I have just returned from a naughty night out with the beautiful Miss Redfox. And my oh my did we meet some interesting characters tonight!

Firstly there was the extremely weird "Lobster Man" who eavesdropped on our conversation whilst we were waiting for the bus at Crows Nest to go into the city. "Lobster Man" was dressed in a rainbow stripy shirt and didn't seem to realise that Mardi Gras is months away! He also had a heavy silver chain around his neck, copious amounts of chest hair spewing out the open neck line of his hideous shirt, and quite a significant thin spot on his head. We named him "Lobster Man" because he very proudly proclaimed that he was a lobster because he got sunburnt. He was the first of our shady, yet amusing, characters of the evening.

After taking in a film we headed down to good ol' Scruffy Murphy's where we busted a few funkies whilst singing along to the cover band and the absolute classic tunes played in between the band's sets.

The Final Countdown, Living on a Prayer, Sweet Home Alabama, 500 Miles, Sweet Child of Mine, with a liberal sprinkling of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. As Elle and Bear would say, "Sa gooood".

It was at Scruffy's that we became aquained with "The Groper", who, when we arrived, had his tongue in the mouth of a woman who had a good 15 years on him and then continued trying to grope anyone else he could get his hands on. We also met "Mr Happy Pants" who had some remarkably "innovative" dance moves (for a demonstration, please make a booking with Redfox or myself), and a very cute guy who seemed to have an aversion to looking like he was being animated and enjoying himself.

Certainly a most fun and interesting evening!

Big thanks and hugs to Miss Redfox for a lovely evening. And congratulations on the upcoming replacement of FFH! What a great start to the new year!

I'm leaving on Monday morning for a week in NZ which will be fun! I'm planning to do a whale watching trip and sit and relax with the rest of my holiday time. This will be the first proper holiday I have had in quite a while so I am very much looking forward to it. Hopefully I will be able to put up some nice holiday snaps on here too when I get back!

So anywho.... I'll see you later alligators!

"One loves one."
"One reciprocates with ardour."


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