Monday, August 15, 2005

Another interesting night shift...

I spent last night watching over a 45 year old male alcoholic with alcohol abuse related dementia. I had been told that he was really aggressive, rude and difficult but I found him to be rather charming, despite a lack of short term memory and some aggitation. He invited me to go to the theatre with him!! I declined of course. :o) It's really sad to see a handsome, charming, intelligent and educated man who has done so much irrepairable damage to himself through substance abuse.

I was hunting 'round the web the other day trying to find some info on one of my most favourite tattooists and artists, Sunny Buick. I fell in love with her work when I saw it in Tattoo Life magazine a couple of years ago and have had trouble finding much of her work anywhere. But while browsing the net I found the poster below, advertising one of her art shows in Paris which is open until the 21st August. Please feel free to donate money to me so that I can get to Paris in time to see Sunny's show. (Tell her she's dreamin'.)

On a final note... I have had to make a very hard decision today. You know when you just get sick of people's bullshit and you throw your hands up in the air in exasperation? I've just decided to toss in the towel to avoid more crap and lies. Let's see how walking away from something meaningful works for me!! People can stick their personal politics and opinions up their arses. Very fed up.


At 12:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sunny Buick and her husband are one the coolest couples in San Francisco. Which is saying something as SF is such a damn cool place to begin with.
That show is her first Euro show I believe. Her art work is really catching on there, as is the lowbrow culture movement.


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