Sunday, August 07, 2005

Purple monkey dishwasher.

Well it has been a most exciting week!!!

I worked my first shifts at my new job!! (And I'm working another 10 hour night shift tonight!)

I dallied in the interesting and wonderful world of Su Doku, so much so that I am now at the point of obsession withe those fantastically stimulating little number puzzles.

I bought some tasty new teas at T2. I am also at the point of obsession with this yummy yummy store. They stock awesome teas and the cutest teapots and cups. I have resolved to drink at least 4 cups of tea a day.

I discovered that I may be able to afford a 6 or 8ft Lovesac afterall, thanks to a friend of a friend who works at the store and gets a crazy 30% staff discount! And it has been brought to my attention that you get a free cover for each lovesac purchased... It's just a daggy brown one but it's a cover none the less... and I want a lovesac for the comfort factor not cos it looks cool! Lovesac, baby, lovesac.

I tried to supress my crazy nesting instinct that has kicked in in recent weeks and avoid buying homewares. Note to self: Must stop looking at the puppies in the pet store, as I am starting to associate furry animal babies with not so furry human babies, and am truly starting to believe that I want one of both varieties.

I have been seriously considering a career as a con-person and cheque forger after reading "Catch Me If You Can" by Frank W. Abagnale. Crazy, crazy story.

I finally went back to uni after 5 weeks of holidays! While the classes leave a little to be desired, it has been so much fun catching up with my peeps!! I forgot how funny my crazy nurse persons are!!! And I made Jen snort twice during the lecture on Friday!!! What a gold week!!!

WOOHOO for me!!!


At 1:51 am, Blogger Chris Best said...

Sounds like its all happening for you Yael! Go you!! I have three and a half weeks before school starts up again - so until then its gym, reading, watching movies, chillingt and preparing stuff for school :-) A nice change of pace for a change. :-)

At 8:17 pm, Blogger Yaeli said...

Gotta love school holidays!!! So only 3 and a half weeks until you take on the dreaded year seven class huh?! Be afraid, be very afraid....
Actually, on second thoughts, don't. The little bastards can smell fear.

At 5:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have on old vintage lovesac that I bought like 7 years ago. I still love it, but its getting old and its time for a new one. Believe it or not, I paid $120 for a 5 footer. People laughed at me when I bought that love sack and that I would pay that much. Now the same bag will cost you like $400. It was time for a new one cuz my old lovesack was just hashed, and I shopped around and decided to get a foam bag at Lovesacs are great, but I am completely satisfied with my foam bag and believe it to be just as good as quality, and I saved over a $100. Compare the love sack with the foam bag.


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