Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Button, button, who's got the button?

I lost my little goth girl badge on friday!!! One minute it was on my pants where it usually is and then it was gone, no where to be found! They are made by a New Zealand clothing company called Illicit (designed by Misery) but when I checked their website I found that they no longer make, or stock, the Goth Gals badges. The closest they have are Misery's Melancholy Sisters, who are a similar style but not nearly as cute as my odd little Goth Gal. :o( Lots of other cool stuff for me to buy though when I have money and a credit card. Must have: the Goth Gals hoodie.

On another note, my attempt to improve my level of happiness by changing my attitude through the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has suffered a serious set back today. It will take a lot of good thoughts and concentration to salvage what was, until today, a good week. However it can still be done if I keep using my "I'm glad I'm not..." statements. I'm glad I'm not a control freak. I feel like Pollyanna playing the glad game.
I am in the process of ridding my life of things and people that complicate it in bad ways. I will discard the thing that cause suffering and unhappiness, and accumulate the things that bring about happiness. I am feeling heaps better for it too. Apart from this evening, the last week or so has been really good.

I think my father is going deaf. I had to say hello 4 times when I got home this evening before I got a response and now the TV is so loud I can clearly hear it two rooms away. Isn't the parent supposed to complain about their children's loud music, instead of the other way around?
Time to go get ear plugs.


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