Friday, October 28, 2005

Mental health day today.

Howdy peoples!
I am still alive!

I've been super lax in the blogging world this week because I have been really busy completing my mental health prac for uni.
I got my marks yesterday and I passed with flying colours, so yay and woohoo for me!!!

There hasn't really been much else worth blogging about this week. Everything has been very quiet.

Unfortunately, this afternoon my ability to blog wherever I want will end as I will be going back to my own house instead of house sitting for my mum. :o( No more blogging in bed for me! At least until I get wireless at my place, which isn't very likely. :o(

I have a huge assignment due on Tuesday and it's a group assignment and as far as I know nobody in the group has done any work on it so I now have to chase everyone up and try and organise a group meeting for this weekend. I HATE ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!


At 4:42 pm, Anonymous netchick said...

I *so* hear ya! I love my wireless, though... Except that where I live, there's a ton of interferance.

At 8:04 pm, Blogger jane said...

That's good you at least got to try wireless. I've never even seen one. Congrats on acing the tests!
Michele sent me. :)

At 8:33 pm, Blogger doug said...

Hi Yaeli, thanks for dropping by my blog.. and it's ok I lost myself in the story too! have a better weekend school was always something I enjoyed because it kept me fully occupied with my workload, but I know how it feels to miss the time off you think you should have to! Doug

At 8:40 pm, Blogger ivoryfrog said...

Congrats on passing you test!
I agree wireless would be great here too, but not likely anytime soon! Good luck with your assignment. :-)

Michelle sent me. :-)

Ivoryfrog x

At 10:18 pm, Anonymous mar said...

Congrats on your marks!!!! make those people work and make some room to play M&G! have a nice weekend. Via Michele's.

At 10:20 pm, Anonymous mar said...

and thanks for the recovery wishes :D

At 11:11 pm, Blogger Star said...

Whoo Hoo! Here via Michele. Enjoy the last bits of blogging in bed!

At 12:06 am, Blogger Oreo said...

We've got wireless....if we want to drive 30 minutes to where my husband works!!! Here from Michele's today.

At 4:01 am, Blogger David said...

group assignments are patently unfair - but realistic - life is a team sport, and some pull more weight than others.
Uh - Jane should be told that you can't see wireless.... Hee hee

At 7:17 am, Blogger Alisha said...

Congrats on the grades!!! Good for you.

Group assignments were always my least favorite thing in college. For some reason instructors seem to think that since you're going to be a nurse you need to know how to manage/deal with people...wonder why???...LOL!

Have a great weekend!

At 12:39 pm, Blogger Carmi said...

Hi Yaeli. Congrats on your marks: I'm not at all surprised. You strike me as someone who succeeds in everything you do.

I wish I could reduce your workload from way over here. But I don't think my tech-journalism thing can help you much.

At 12:47 pm, Blogger dena said...

I hate assignments too...especially group assignments.

visiting from michele's, but you kow I'd stop by anyway!


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