Friday, October 21, 2005

I have an owie.

Sorry I have disappeared for the last week. I have been doing my uni mental health clinical placement and have spent much of the week in a locked psych ward at one of my local hospitals. It's great fun with heaps of interesting cases, such as:
  • A woman in her mid 50's who believes she was attacked by aliens who impregnated her. According to her she has been pregnant for 12 months.
  • A schizoaffective guy with serious anger management issues, who tells me that he's into blondes who have my body type and that if I were a blonde I'd be in serious trouble. he also mentioned that he could always kidnap me and dye my hair blonde. (Before anyone panics, he is the sanest of the lot and is mainly joking around... I hope.)

And... (the piece de resistance)

  • A guy who is a potential serial killer. He used to pinch children because he likes it when they say ouch, and he once killed a duck because he was interested in finding out what temperature duck fat burns at.

Like I said... INTERESTING.

I really like it and I'm seriously considering majoring in mental health nursing next year.

On the "owie" front, I broke my toe last night when I tripped over a rug at home and got my little toe caught. But I was on my way to work for a night shift and I didn't have time to ice it or rest it. As a result the bruising this morning is pretty spectacular. When I find a digital camera I'll post some photos just so that I can advertise the extent of my injuries. :o)

I got home from work about an hour ago and I'm too jazzed to sleep, despite having only 3 and a half hours sleep in the last 24 hours, so I guess I'm gonna have to pop a DVD on until I settle down.

ADDENDUM - 15:15: I have worked out how to text photos from my phone to my e-mail account. These photos of my toe were taken this morning after my post. Since then more bruising has developed. :o( Poor me.

You can just see the greyish blue bruising in the top of my foot.

The bruising between the two toes has got worse since this morning.

That bruising is a dark grape colour and this morning

the middle of it was red from the bleeding inside my toe.

That is bruising, not shadow.

WOOHOO!!! Photos!!! I rock!!!


At 1:22 pm, Anonymous Mr Eccentric said...

Your job sounds interesting! Of course, I just get those types CALLING me every day. LOL.

Great blog!

At 4:48 pm, Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

yaeli - I'll be back! michele sent me and now I have to run on a work thing...poor toe!

At 4:50 pm, Anonymous mar said...

This sounds very suspicious to me ... I know about a guy's ankle... Much nicer picture than last sunday's , though... Hope you are over this soon.

At 5:06 pm, Anonymous Kissing Bandit said...

I have to say - ouch. This is the second blog I've been to sporting foot injuries.

I hope you heal soon. Take care of yourself.

(and hello from Michele)

At 5:46 pm, Blogger JoeC said...

Hello, Michele sent me, nice lil virtual pet there! Cheers!

At 6:49 pm, Blogger utenzi said...

My dear lovely hurt Yaeli. I'm so sorry you had to endure such pain. I've thought I'd broken toes a few times in my life but I never quite did it. So I guess congratulations are in order here, Yaeli. You've succeeded where so many times I've failed.

Michele has sent me to visit you and kiss away your pain. *kiss*

And you sure did spring upon JoeC very fast when he posted! LOL

At 6:54 pm, Blogger utenzi said...

Just for teasing me, cutie pie, I've double posted to you. Ha!

You'll have to use that phone and take some pictures at work. I've never seen a serial duck killer before. Though I guess a lot of hunters would qualify...

Michele sent me to visit your beautiful self, Yaeli.

By the way, are the Australian expressions I noted on my blog real ones? I'd not heard them before I looked them up on the web.

At 8:11 pm, Anonymous Utopia said...

Hello hello! Michele sent me. That looks pretty bad there. Think you broke your toe? Ouch... hurt toes suck. But, it could always be worse. Chin up and keep up with the nifty phone photos. Fun!

At 8:56 pm, Blogger Chatty said...

I am cringing. I've broken my little toe many times. Yeouch!

Michele sent me! :)

At 9:30 pm, Blogger The Mistress of the Dark said...

Owie! I've had a broken toe before and that's just not fun.

Here via Michele's

At 10:00 pm, Blogger Tara said...

Yikes. That is a nasty bruise. Hope it feels better soon.
Michelle sent me.

At 10:09 pm, Blogger Star said...

I broke a toe once. You become very aware of your personal space. Especially in crowded areas!

At 10:10 pm, Blogger Star said...

Forgot to say Michele sent me!

At 11:12 pm, Blogger dena said...

VERY interesting cases this week! Love hearing about them. Is there a disorder name for people who enjoy pinching? A few years ago there was a woman around here hanging out in grocery stores, sticking straight pins into the legs of kids, and then acting concerened when they started crying. This would all happen in the checkout line - beyond crazy.

I had a similar toe wound a couple of weeks ago. My entire toe was purple...Ouch!

visitng from michele's this morning.

At 11:23 pm, Blogger craziequeen said...

Hi Yaeli,

Just nipped over from Michele's place.

[looks around] nice place you have here - I must link to it when I get home.... :-)


At 11:39 pm, Anonymous JV said...

That's really interesting stuff. I'd love to hear more about how psych patients differ from what they show us in the movies.

Michele sent me. Now go get that toe fixed!

At 12:30 am, Anonymous Nancy said...

Good Morning! Michele sent me. How interesting is your job?!?! WOW!

hope that toe gets better quick.

At 12:30 am, Blogger Indigo said...

Michele sent me this morning! Hello. :-)

Interesting bunch of people indeed. How do you handle it?

Your poor toe, ouch!

At 11:34 am, Blogger Carmi said...

Refuah shlema, Yaeli. I'm sorry to hear about your toe.

Visiting from Michele's tonight.

At 11:37 am, Blogger Dlynne said...

OUCH! I hope your foot gets better quick. Sounds as though you meet some interesting people in your line of study. Thanks for stopping by my site - I'll be back to check on you! Have a good weekend!

At 11:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think I might stop by again.

Here via Michele

At 12:17 pm, Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

Oh, nice toe pics!

Sorry about the pain.

Michele sent me.

At 12:39 pm, Anonymous netchick said...

You too? My toe KILLS me today! ...Even blogged about it, too. It must be going around ;)

Happy FRIDAY!!

At 7:09 pm, Blogger mar said...

My husband has it now too, he doesn't blog but I do... It seems it is going around, like netchick just said... Hope it is better today! via Michele's :D

At 8:20 pm, Blogger ribbiticus said...

such interesting people you get to encounter on a daily basis. bet you still wouldn't trade it in for the world, huh. so sorry for your toe. hope it heals real fast. here via michele today. :)

At 11:38 pm, Blogger panthergirl said...

Wow... the pinching guy REALLY creeped me out. But not nearly as much as those TOE PICTURES!!!! LOL!

Here via michele today, but I'm always happy when I stop by.

At 5:40 am, Blogger Michael Manning said...

I could never handle your job. About that foot: OUCH!

At 10:02 am, Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

um...maybe i comment out of place, but is it morally accpetable to blog about as delicate & confidential a subject as the detials of your patient's mental health?

Hope the foot heels swiftly & well.

Michele sent me.

At 5:47 pm, Blogger Lish said...

I'm so sorry you hurt your toe. Foot injuries seem to be going around.


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