Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Playing in the cabbage patch.

Today I got to go down to the cabbage patch, and sure enough, there beneath a huge green cabbage was an itty bitty baby girl just waiting for a mummy and daddy...

Ok, maybe that's not quite accurate.

The reality was that today I got to go and watch a ceasarian section being performed! Let me tell you, the cabbage patch is much cleaner. :o) It was absolutely awesome to watch! Totally indescribable really. I must say though, that you couldn't pay me enough money to have a ceasarian unless it was absolutely necessary. It is just so traumatic for your body!!! After weeks of watching birthing videos and deciding that I'd rather adopt my little angels, I must say that I am coming around a little more to the idea of childbirth (in particular, relating to me personally) but a caesar is definitely out!!! And no babies anytime soon... I am quite content playing with everyone else's thanks.

Anywho, exhausted now... sleeping time.


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