Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Still here...

Contrary to popular opinion, I have not dropped off the face of the earth.

Instead I have been keeping myself busy with my practical placements for uni. I spent last week in the Neurovascular and Plastics ward at North Shore Private looking after people who had undergone various head and brain operations, nerve operations and plastic surgery. Lots of people with Parkinsons having neuro-stimulators put into their brains, and people with aneurysms and strokes. Very interesting, but I'm not too sure that area of acute care is really my cup of tea. I got to do my first injection though, and WOW it's weird sticking needles into real people rather than into foam blocks. My hands were shaking! Never ask a patient if it was as good for them as it was for you.

This week I am spending my time playing with itsy bitsy babies in the maternity ward, and it is certainly much more my style. All the babies look like little jelly beans with heads, all wrapped up in their little blankets. The oldest ones there (not including the ones who have been in the special care nursery) are about 5 or 6 days old and they are all very cute! I am seriously considering doing postgrad midwifery once I have finished my degree. I'm really enjoying my placement so far and it would certainly broaden my horizons and add another string to my bow! It also gives me more options for employment should I want to go and work overseas, not that there's a shortage of jobs for nurses anywhere in the world.

I'm also looking at going into paediatrics and developmental disabilities. I'll probably make those my majors for next year. So many options!!! It's all so exciting!!! My placement next week will be at a childcare centre (to study how children play apparently) which means I get to play with lots of toys, and I get to play in the sandpit, and I get nap time and snack time and story time!!! It's just too cool! Then the week after that will be spent at a group home for people with developmental disabilities somewhere up at Hornsby, which will hopefully be great! I will get to play with big special people!!!! I hope we get to go on outings!

So it's a very exciting month for me really!
Anywho... am very sick of all these early mornings and am desperately in need of a nap on the couch. Tata!


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