Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tossing in the towel...

I have never been reduced to tears by a piece of paper before, but yesterday Centrelinks 35 pages of hell did the job. I am so frustrated by it all!!! They want the most stupid things from me and they make it damn impossible to get anything. (Please refer to previous rant.) I now have to go and wait in line for another hour to get a clean form and then take it to the uni financial services people to see if they can help me fill it out. It has made me so crazy that I slept really poorly last night and I feel constantly tense. It makes me so depressed I just want to toss in the towel on the whole lot! Fuck Centrelink. Fuck uni. Fuck my job. Fuck it all.

I finished my last shift at the Council yesterday too... I resigned last week and finished up yesterday. No farewell card, no thank you, no nothing. It was like they just didn't really give a shit that after 18 months of busting my ass I was leaving. And then my boss asked me if i could do one shift a month for them! One 3 hour shift a month!!!! I told her she had to be kidding and there was no way that I could bring myself to do that. Fuck it all.

I am so fed up. I feel so discouraged and so depressed and I am fast reaching the point where I don't give a shit anymore. Which is a very bad place really. That's the place where I don't get out of bed for days. Gotta stop it.

It seems like I feel like this more and more often these days. Just look at my posts if you want proof... the bulk of the recent ones are depressed rants and whinges about how shitty I feel. I feel so juvenile and stupid on one hand, and so depressed that I just want to run away on the other.

The secret island is looking like a great option again!


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