Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's all about appreciation...

Well, I didn't get that job I wanted. And what a fucker that is. This past weekend has left me feeling remarkably un-appreciated and under valued by my employer and the clients that we serve. For the last 18 months I have busted my arse for my youth worker job. I have picked up shifts on extremely short notice (e.g. I get a phone call an hour before the shift starts), I have done things outside the scope of my job description (e.g. trekking across Chatswood to try and source a portable BBQ), and since the previous holder of the position left last year I have been filling the role. I am really disappointed that once again I have given my all to a job only to be passed over. Once the 2 new workers start my hours are going to be cut down and I can't afford to work only 3 hours a week.

I am now trying to decide whether to take whatever shit hours they offer me or leave and collect youth allowance. At the moment it's looking like leaving is my best option. I'm fed up with the kids too. We bust our arses to provide great services for them and they act like they wouldn't give a shit if we were there or not. We had a gig the other night with the Camels and the Devoted Few playing and not one of the kids said thank you. We bought chips and drinks to sell in the canteen and the kids just complained that we'd bought plain chips rather than salt and vinegar, and that we had lemonade and not solo and stupid shit like that. I'm starting to get sick of doing nice stuff for stupid, spoilt North Shore kids. At least at the nursing home you know that people appreciate the chats and the hugs and the arse wiping that you do for them. Even if they can't say thankyou you can tell that it is appreciated. But these little shits don't seem to care if we organise cool stuff for them or not. I'm reaching a point where I want to tell them all where they can stick it. I've just about had a gut-full.

On another note, my poor frangipani has spider mites and I had to take all her leaves off to get rid of them. Now I have to go find some spider mite killing stuff to make her feel better and hope that they haven't stunted her growth. Poor Frannie. :o(

Surely the Karma Gods have to start working in my favour soon!!!

The Moral of Today's Story: Never be an internal applicant who has to apply externally for a position. Nothing you have done gets taken into account and you just end up feeling like shit. It all sucks arse. I'm never going to apply for a job again.


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