Thursday, March 03, 2005

I have a new baby!

I bought a chilli plant today and he has been christened Willy the Chilli. I'm not sure what kind of chilli he is but he has some purple and some red chillis and he's very pretty. :o) He is now sitting on my balcony with Frannie the Frangipani, succulents Bernie, Bottom, Barb and Belle, and cacti Bob, Ball, Boo and Boo2. No, I'm not completely crazy, completely being the operative word here. I just like to name my plants. They are my pets cos I can't have a real pet, and they are much less work than a real pet anyway. Never have I had to rush home at the end of the day to feed the plants! I love the fact that they are so undemanding! And you can have a whole heap of them with out them killing each other or fighting! They are so cool!

Please someone do me a favour and remind me next time to wear gloves when re-potting cacti! I re-potted the kids today, thought I'd give them some different pot-mates until spring, and forgot to wear gloves with the spiky kids and they hurted me. :o( But they seem happy in their new pots. Bottom is looking a bit better than he was which is good, but he's not as good as he was the first few weeks after I got him. When I re-potted him after I got him last year I put some fertiliser in his new pot (it was spring, the right time to fertilise) but I think that the fertiliser may have burnt his roots which is why he stopped opening up and got sick. Poor Bottom. :o(

On a more studious note, I went back to uni this week. 2 of my classes seem really interesting and really appeal to me, they are about paediatric nursing and nursing for developmentally disabled people. The others are just as boring as last year. So much so that I fell asleep in my lecture this afternoon. Miss Liss had to wake me up when it was over. Oops!!! I must never do that again... at least until next week anyway.

I'm off to fix my sore hands now. Oww :o(


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